Essays on Professionalism

Essays on Professionalism

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Nursing Fundamentals-Professionalism and Discipline

In this paper, I will provide information regarding the definition of nursing, nursing as a discipline, nursing as a profession, and nursing roles and settings. In addition, I will provide the fundamentals of nursing related to caring and communication, along with nursing as an art …

Words 1732
Pages 7
Unparalleled Professionalism

Work with a team of highly trained professionals whose skills are perfectly attune to what admissions committees require. Our writers have help hundreds of applicants capture the attention of selection boards and gain the coveted acceptance to the universities of their dreams. We have the …

Words 313
Pages 2
Professionalism in Sports

Professionalism in Sports The North American Review It is hardly necessary at the present day to enter a plea for athletic exercise and manly outdoor sports. During the last twenty-five years there has been a wonderful growth of interest in and appreciation of healthy muscular …

Words 2053
Pages 8
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Essays on Professionalism
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Professionalism in the Army

A soldier is measured by his ability to do his job successfully, tactfully, and professionally. Being a professional at everything you do will help you succeed in every aspect of your life. The definition of professionalism as by Merriam-Webster is the conduct, aims, or qualities …

Words 432
Pages 2
Case study Professionalism in Teaching

IntroductionTo get down this study I would wish to explicate the importance of professional criterions. Harmonizing to the LLUK ( no day of the month ) the professional criterions have a intent. These criterions are for all pedagogues who work within the womb-to-tomb acquisition sector …

Case StudyProfessionalism
Words 5639
Pages 21
Professionalism in the Probation Officer Career Field

For this assignment I chose the Law Enforcement scenario, as this will hopefully relate to the probation officer career field I’d Like to pursue. I consider police officer to be very professional Individuals with assertive personalities. You have to be assertive In this profession, otherwise …

CareerProbation OfficerProfessionalism
Words 298
Pages 2
Collaboration And Professionalism And There Use In Educational Strategies

Collaboration, audience, engagement ; these are words used within educational schemes and enterprises but what do they all intend? Do they mean the same thing?Collaboration normally means to work with person to accomplish something.Consultation means a treatment between people or groups before they make a …

Words 781
Pages 3
Studies in Professionalism in Education & Training

I am currently employed in the post 16 training sector as a tutor on the ‘entry to employment’ programme (e2e). The e2e programme is designed to be flexible and individual, with the aim of equipping young people with the necessary skills to become independent; self-motivated; …

Words 97
Pages 1
Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting

AC 216 – Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting Exam #1 Name SOLUTIONS Part I. Multiple Choice (2 pts each, 40 pts total) Instructions: Select the one best answer to each question. 1. The insufficient anchor adjustment cognitive bias refers to: a. placing too much significance …

AccountingDecision MakingProfessionalism
Words 979
Pages 4
Multiculturalism and Professionalism

The 2008 presidential race is the testimony of increasing multiculturalism in United States, first time in the history of this great nation a woman or an African American will be a serious contender to be the Commander in Chief. The race in itself is not …

Words 716
Pages 3
Curriculum For Excellence Impact On Teacher Professionalism Education Essay

The being of a relationship between course of study policy and instructor professionalism would look to be an established premise. This is apparent in claims that course of study reform is frequently regarded as a menace to teacher professionalism ( Al-Hinei 2003 ; Apple 2009 …

Words 4122
Pages 15
Time and Professionalism

What is professionalism? There are many different forms of professionalism depending on whose opinion of professionalism it is. I will go with my opinion of professionalism. For the thirty years of my life I must say, I have learned a lot about my experiences in …

Words 1138
Pages 5
Importance of Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional Development is a fundamental part of Teachers educational as only a Continuing Learning and training reassures a high level of knowledge and allows Teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up to date, examples of CPD consist of: Work based learning. Informal …

MentorshipProfessional DevelopmentTeacher
Words 60
Pages 1
The Importance of Continuing Professional Development

This essay aims to discuss the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within a National Health Service (NHS) medical imaging department; and how it contributes to delivering high quality patient-centred care. It will include any associated advantages and/or disadvantages to the NHS and imaging department; …

MotivationProfessional Development
Words 2232
Pages 9
Understand Principles Of Professional Development

The purpose of this unit is to assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to promote the professional duty to maintain the currency of knowledge and skills and the need to continually reflect on and improve practice. Understand principles of professional development. Explain the …

Professional Development
Words 1498
Pages 6
Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

Student Name: Malik Daniyal Student id: STD02067 Project title: Manage personal work priorities and professional development Introduction:- In this project I m going to describe all about my future and recent planning and my goals and objectives. In which comes my dream , my futures …

PersonalProfessional DevelopmentWork
Words 2899
Pages 11
Critical Evaluation Of Continuing Professional Development In Hrm

In this essay the writer presents a critical rating of the four phases of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) rhythm as a tool to back up her CPD in Human Resource Management (HRM). The CPD procedure can be carried out by set abouting bit-by-bit procedure …

Professional Development
Words 1837
Pages 7
Essay On Promote Professional Development

This then in turn provides the best possible outcomes for my service users. By learning new kills and attending mandatory training with regular updates enables me to increase my knowledge and progress my working practices. It also assists me to be responsive and adaptable when …

MentorshipProfessional Development
Words 978
Pages 4
Practitioner Model versus Practitioner-Model and its Impact on My Professional Development

Scholar-Practitioner Model versus Practitioner-Model and its Impact on My Professional Development Abstract The practitioners-scholar approach is the model I plan to follow to pursue my long-term professional goals of working as a consultant. Understanding the distinction between scholar, practitioner, scholar-practitioner and practitioner-scholar all are instrumental …

PractitionerProfessional Development
Words 1091
Pages 4
Personal and professional Development: Self-motivation and Self-Management

PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The aim and purpose of this report is how I will handle my problems in year one of my degree program. “Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the work of organization members and of using all available …

PersonalProfessional Development
Words 137
Pages 1
The Summary of Professional Development 1, Chapter 5 – 7

To make sure the best solution will be generated once the problem is defined, guidance of idea generation techniques is significantly important in breaking down the barriers to generating. Mental blocks are mainly the hindrance on the progress toward a solution. Mental blocks can be …

Professional Development
Words 597
Pages 3
Training and Professional Development

Answer CASE STUDY : 1 A policy is a plan of action. It is a statement of intention committing the management to a general course of action. When the management drafts a policy statement to cover some features of its personnel programmes, the statement may …

AdvertisingProfessional DevelopmentRecruitment
Words 6430
Pages 24
On Recruitment, Professional Development and Evaluation of Staff

On Recruitment, Professional Development and Evaluation of Staff: Mr. Jorge Jasso’s Thoughts on Santa Rita Union School District’s Case Introduction Staff recruitment and staff development belong to the different sides of the same coin. A learning institution cannot just rest on the promises of aggressive recruitment …

Professional DevelopmentRecruitmentSalaryTeacher
Words 176
Pages 1
Personal and Professional Development Argumentative Essay

Introduction My own journey to “today”, thankfully, did not happen individually. I smile when I remember so many helpful people who were contributed in my own learning, growing and developing. I came from Lithuania 8 years ago, immediately after finishing my Secondary School. My first …

PersonalProfessional Development
Words 2122
Pages 8
School Bullying and Teacher Professional Development

ABSTRACT Bullying is known to be a widespread problem in schools and also in workplaces. It is not confined to the U.S.A. and across the globe researchers have been examining the behavior of both perpetrators and targets of bullying for several INTRODUCTION Introduction to the …

BullyingProfessional DevelopmentTeacher
Words 4698
Pages 18
Developing Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Continuing Professional Development ?

Introduction The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has set out at least four domains of competencies for entry to the register in Adult Nursing. In this brief, I will focus on the second domain of communication and interpersonal skills. Communication plays a crucial role in …

CommunicationPersonalProfessional Development
Words 3086
Pages 12
Analysis Of Project Management And Professional Development Education Essay

I draft here myself analysis study that describes my strengths and failings with groundss from what I have experienced in the yesteryear. Researching me reveals what went incorrect and what I have done to do things better. I realized that practising this sort of analysis …

EducationProfessional DevelopmentProject Management
Words 1926
Pages 8
Leading professional development

Analyze the extent to which the approach relates to an organizational context known to you. The abstract I have selected for review and analysis, with most relevance to my own professional development and therefore is of most interest to me is that of Lyndon &king …

CommunityProfessional Development
Words 2742
Pages 10
Personality And Professional Developmental Planning Education Essay

Personal and professional development planning is a consequence of successful structured and supported procedure undertaken by any single or group of single. It is their acquisition, experience, public presentation and their action program for the attainment of their personal, educational, societal development. Now it ‘s …

EducationEducation PlanPersonalityProfessional Development
Words 2062
Pages 8
Reflective Practice and Professional Development

Certificate in Education Module 7 – Report to compare teaching roles In any organisation there must be some structure and it is this that leads to a selection of teaching and management roles within education. All roles are focused on the quality of service provided …

Professional DevelopmentSafety
Words 1215
Pages 5
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A professional is a member of a profession or any person who earns a living from a specified professional activity.

Shorthand: Pro


Someone who displays professional values will: portray a professional image through reliability, consistency and honesty. dress and act appropriately. deliver work outcomes to agreed quality standards and timescales.


Professionalism involves consistently achieving high standards, both in the work you do and the way you behave. Being professional helps you to achieve high-quality results, while impressing and inspiring others – and feeling good about yourself.

Frequently asked questions

What Does Professionalism Mean
Professionalism can mean different things in different contexts. Generally speaking, professionalism is a set of skills or qualities that are associated with being a professional. This can include things like being expert in your field, having strong communication skills, being able to work well under pressure, and being able to maintain a positive attitude. In some cases, it may also involve dressing and acting in a certain way that is associated with being professional.
What Is Professionalism
Professionalism is the conduct, attitude, and appearance that are generally accepted as appropriate for a professional person. The standards of professionalism vary depending on the field and the specific situation. For example, in the legal profession, professionalism includes qualities such as honesty, competence, fairness, and respect for others.

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