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English Composition II There are many issues that occur within our planet such as the so called upcoming war with North Korea, animal extinction, economy issues, lack of Jobs, etc. That needs attention and a well thought out plan so It can be dealt with. The subject area that I will be discussing Is based on Science, Health and Environmental Issues. The main topic I will be discussing and debating on the issue whether or not should the United States continue to fund space exploration even though we have our own matters to attend on planet Earth.

My research project Includes with the supporting point of view, the UN-supporting point of view, ending with my personal opinion towards which is more worldwide beneficial. People Supporting Space Exploration: Based on the National Aeronautics And Space Administration A lot of people believe that the money e use to fund space projects can be used for a more economical relevant cost, such as helping Africa, or helping our own economy. But in fact funding space projects does help our economy. Space exploration creates Jobs; It employs engineers, mechanics, astronauts, highly educated scientist and many more. Billions of taxpayer dollars goes to NASA but in reality Nanas budget is less than 1% of the national budget.

United States spends about 20 billion dollars on air-conditioning tents In Afghanistan opposed to the 19 billion dollar budget that NASA has. Although NASA Is electing billions a year, that money doesn't go to waste. NASA has designed a new type of technology called vortex combustion, which makes rockets fly further, faster with using less fuel. This design was built by one of Nanas contractors ORBITER. More Information and facts describing the Vortex Combustion RamJet (VICE) can be found in the on this link under NASA. Gob http://sibs. Gaffs. Nonages/Sober/abstracts/98/ sibs/phases/Sober-98-1-07. 4-AAA. HTML. ORBITER took the same design and instead of making it work with a rocket, they put it with a water hose. By doing this ORBITER as created the world's fastest water hose of today. Let's say we find a way to make mars habitable, wouldn't it be great to extend mankind. Space exploration continues to grow and give valuable information that the united States requires to grow. Some of the items we use in today society, such as GAPS system, cellophane, cordless power tool, the padding Inside the football helmet and even clean water Is all thanks to space exploration.

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A well known Scientist and Internet's favorite astrophysicist, published a book originally named "Failure to Launch: The dreams and delusion of OFF explains about how the American people mislead themselves into believing misconceptions about space exploration and as a result the purpose and necessities of a space program are now misunderstood. He argues and pleas to give NASA the money it needs in order to stimulate the economy and inspire students to pursue innovative projects.

It is essential that space exploration be funded by government funds instead of privately funds, because the government has the necessary power and money to make and continue to have a successful discoveries and it ties along tit the military due to classified information being safe guarded from others doesn't have the need to know, rather than being funded private funds with less funds and will lose the advantage of working with the military and vice-versa. Today on earth there are more than 7 billion people and growing, the world is over populated and if we would ever get a chance to move we would.

Living on another planet may sound like the science fiction movie Star Wars, but it can be possible. This is why we explore, c(Iroquois is what built the world we have today. People Against Space Exploration: Thousands of people believe that we should be studying our own planet first then move on to others, but who's to say if we shut down space programs we will use the left over money to explore our Saracens, or give the money directly to us people. We have 314,686,189 living in the United States, if we divided Nanas budget to give every person in the United States a share of the money everyone will only get about $60. 7 a year. That doesn't sound very attracting, so chances are we the people will not get any share directly if NASA were to be shut down. There are so many social problems n the world like poverty, unemployment, medical diseases, sanitation, food and safe drinking water, which is yet to be solved. So it is suggested that the people should utilize this amount for eliminating this social problem rather than funding for space exploration. My reason for supporting fund space exploration Based on the statistics on the resourceful website debate. Rag 68% of the people support the funding towards exploring in space and 32% goes against this factor. Human beings by nature are explorers. We enjoy going to new places, discovering new things and seeking out knowledge. If this were not the case we might still be thinking the Earth was flat. Exploring space not only fulfills a nature driven quality in humans, it also gives us the knowledge we need for advancement. Whether this knowledge provides us with new sources for energy, how the Universe came to be or the possibility of expanding humankind to new worlds.

My opinion for supporting funds for space exploration is that it is a better decision to choose because it has greater impact. When it comes to making a decision of two different perceptions, I tend to think of the big picture. Who is to say we may have meteor hitting earth and e happen to come across a better way to track and avoid another big bang theory on earth by continuing and persuading space exploration or even have already a 2nd planet such as mars ready to have human being living in as the new home.

To me, I see that there is more to see than meets the eye, by this I mean that there is no point on discovering our own planet earth if, god forbid, we will meet the end of our destruction due to unexplained outer source, that could've been avoided. Support be more accurate and aware of our surrounding in this universe to keep mankind living longer. Reference Has, Fen; Cox, Ken (February 20, 2009). "Sustainable Space Exploration and Space Development - A Unified Strategic Vision".

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