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A student claimed, "he saw dining hall workers go out for a cigarette ND come straight back to serving food" (Beckoned 1). There have been reports of bugs in the salad bar and mold in the icemakers. Also, the dining halls have received lower levels on food inspections due to temperature problems that could potentially affect anyone who eats there. Although there were reports of roaches at the university of Chicago In 201 2, which is worse than any reports at LUCK, it is still very important that LUCK works to improve the hygiene at their dining halls (Beckoned 2).

Dining halls are a convenient place for students to meet and socialize with each other. Building community Is a very Important part of LUCK mission and by Improving the dining experience for the students; it builds community and works toward the "student promise" that is so stressed by the university. Megan Pauper, a junior at LAIC, says, "l met my three best friends, who are now my roommates, in the dining hall freshman year.

The main thing we bonded over was the gross food and dirty dining halls though. " This is not the reputation that LUCK is striving for; increasing good hygiene in the halls will only in turn improve the quality of the food and the atmosphere. We recommend the following improvements: Retrain the current management and employees or hire new management to improve the leadership. With new management, closer eyes can be kept on the cleanliness of the kitchen. Hire more workers.

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This would Improve the sanitation of the kitchen and dining halls with a more even student to worker ratio, so the workers can ensure on finishing their responsibilities throughout the kitchens.

* Create schedules and lists that can provide the workers with detailed tasks of what they specifically need to clean for each day. This would create an easier and more organized way of guaranteeing the cleanliness of each individual dining hall station. Business Writing Internal Proposal By Longitudinally As LUCK students, we are very fortunate to have food readily available to us in the dining halls. Read about online enrollment system proposal

The food options off campus around LUCK are minimal, so it is ideal to University of Chicago in 2012, which is worse than any reports at LUCK, it is still very other. Building community is a very important part of LUCK'S mission and by improving "student promise" that is so stressed by the University. Megan Pauper, a Junior at LUCK, says, "l met my three best friends, who are now my roommates, in the dining hall cleanliness of the kitchen. * Hire more workers.

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