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Many people have two best friends that are similar and different in many ways. These similarities are usually in age, attitude, and interests; on the other hand, some of the differences between these two friends can include height, beliefs, goals, ethnicities, cultures, and much more. Some people may not find any similarities or differences in their best friends, and others may find many similarities and differences in their friends.

However, I find three distinct similarities and three differences within these similarities between my two best friends Daniella and Ashley, which allows me to see that despite these similarities and differences, they are still my best friends. Both Daniella and Ashley have boyfriends, but both boys are treated differently. Daniella and Ashley both live with their mom, but one house is cleaner then the other. Finally, Daniella and Ashley are both very smart, but one applies this smartness more then the other.

My two best friends, Daniella and Ashley have boyfriend. They both have been in their relationships for about 3 years, and they both met their boyfriends in freshman year of high school. Despite the similarity of both having boyfriends for the same amount of time, they treat their boyfriends differently. Daniella treats every moment with her boyfriend as if it were their last moment together. For example, every weekend, she picks her boyfriend up for a date. On the other hand, Ashley takes her boyfriend for granted.

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For instance, every other weekend, Ashley's boyfriend will pay for dinner and they never go on any dates. Both of my friends have boy friends, but Daniella treats her boyfriend with more respect than Ashley. In addition, Daniella and Ashley live with both their mom in a house. Daniella and Ashley both live in the same neighborhood as me. However, Daniella keeps her house immaculate. Her house is always clean and everything is in order. For example, her carpets always look brand new. Her bathroom is spotless, and her kitchen has everything organized, with the dishes always put away.

Ashley's house looks like a tornado ran through it. Ashley's house is always a disaster. For instance, Ashley always has clothes all over the place and shoes everywhere. Her bathroom is completely disgusting. Her kitchen has filthy dishes all over the place and food on the floor. Her place also smells, unlike Daniella's house. Both of my friends live with both their mom in a house, but Daniella clearly knows how to maintain her home, while Ashley either does not care or does not know how to keep a clean home.

Finally, both of my best friends, Daniella and Ashley, are extremely smart. Both of them speak very well and read lots of books daily. Daniella and Ashley usually get through the same book in the same amount of time, which is a 200-300 page book every four to five days. Both of my friends know how to discuss the text and analyze it. However, Daniella applies this talent to her schooling and future goal of becoming an Athletic Director, while Ashley does not apply herself at all. Daniella goes to all her classes and passes them with straight A's and B's.

On the other hand, Ashley still, after many years, goes to school, but usually has to repeat her courses because she does not go to class regularly, and she is lazy to do the work. If Ashley did apply himself, I believe she would be the same to Daniella and also doing well in school. Either way, both are smart, but one applies herself, while the other does not. In conclusion, my two best friends Daniella and Ashley share many similarities, but within these similarities, they are both different.

Both Daniella and Ashley have boyfriends, live with their mom in a house, and they both are very smart. However, Daniella treats her boyfriend with respect and takes him on dates every weekend, while Ashley never checks in with her boyfriend or buys him gifts or go on dates. Daniella's house is very clean and has everything in order. Her dishes are always clean, and her carpets are spotless, while Ashley's house is disgusting. Her bathroom is filthy, and her dishes are always dirty.

Ashley also always has clothes all over her floor as well as shoes throwed everywhere. Finally, Daniella and Ashley are very smart and read a lot, but Daniella applies her smartness to school and future, while Ashley fails to discipline herself to move on with school. Either way, my two best friends may have similarities that differ in many and various ways, but one similarity that has no differences is that they are my best friends, and I care about them equally.

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In what ways are you similar with your best friend?
I am similar to my best friend in many ways. We both have a great sense of humor, enjoy the same activities, and have similar values and beliefs. We also both have a strong sense of loyalty and are always there for each other when needed.
What's another word for best friends?
Close friends, soulmates, or confidants are all terms that can be used to describe someone's best friend.
What is a best friend compared to a friend?
A best friend is someone who you have a strong bond with and can rely on for support and understanding. They are someone who you can trust and confide in, and who will be there for you no matter what. A friend is someone who you may have a good relationship with, but not necessarily the same level of trust and understanding as a best friend.
Why best friends are so similar?
Best friends often share similar interests, values, and beliefs, which can lead to them becoming close. Additionally, best friends often spend a lot of time together, which can lead to them developing similar habits and behaviors. This can further contribute to their similarities.

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