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Release date: July 12, 1985 (USA)
Director: Joe Dante
Starring: Ethan Hawke; River Phoenix; Jason Presson
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Produced by: David Bombyk; Edward S. Feldman
Production company: Paramount Pictures

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Hernan Cortes Hero or Villain

The Sun Cannot be covered by a Finger Hearing of the word hero brings to my mind a good looking man with some qualities of fair, equal, courage, brave, honest and a positive leader. This makes the opposite a villain a person who wishes wrong …

Hernan CortesHeroesVillain
Words 1177
Pages 5
Summary of Evidence Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Silk Road were two very important contributions towards China’s cultural diffusion. Marco Polo, his father, and his uncle were all Venetian explorers. When Marco was fifteen, the three of them traveled to China and befriended Kublai Khan, Ghengis Khan’s grandson. Marco was very influential for …

Marco Polo
Words 588
Pages 3
Marco Polo’s Book, The Travels of Marco Polo

Marco Polo was no doubt one of the most influential explorers in the world. His tales of the East opened the minds of the Europeans, and his tales were a catalyst for the Age of Exploration in Europe. His influence on geographical exploration was so …

Marco Polo
Words 943
Pages 4
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Vespucci, Columbus, and the New World

Before Columbus passed through the coastline of larger America, Amerigo Vespucci, whom the name America has derived, first came in. He navigated, explored, observed, made a map according to what he perceived, and made an exploration report to his King about it. In his description, …

Christopher ColumbusCultureUnited States
Words 94
Pages 1
Christopher Columbus: Hero or Zero

Christopher Columbus: Hero or Zero? In October we celebrate the man who found America. People are taught at a young age that Christopher Columbus was a hero when in fact he was a murderer. Yes, he found a land that was unknown to his people, …

Christopher ColumbusGenocideHeroesSlavery
Words 683
Pages 3
Christopher Columbus Hero or Villan

Aysha Imtiaz Should a man whose actions created a wave of genocide and killed thousands of innocent natives be considered a hero? Christopher Columbus found the Americas, but today he takes credit for discovering a new world. Native Americans had been living in civilizations across …

Christopher ColumbusHeroesMoney
Words 567
Pages 3
Columbus Dbq

In the year 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to what he believed to be India. That is a fact which cannot be disputed. However, it is often the case that historians are biased in their writing and add their own personal beliefs and …

Christopher ColumbusCultureGenocide
Words 646
Pages 3
Printing Press Consequences

The Consequences of a Forgotten Invention There have been people who have influenced every person in the world yet a seldom few know their contributions let alone their names. Of these people was a man named Johannes Gutenberg; the man who invented the printing press. …

Christopher ColumbusCultureEurope
Words 1165
Pages 5
Columbus vs. de Las Casas

In the textbook of Bartolome de las Casas From The Very Brief Relation of the Devastation of the Indies, de la Casas said “This was the first land in the New World to be destroyed and depopulated by the Christians, and here they began their …

Christopher ColumbusCultureSpain
Words 363
Pages 2
Opinion of Christopher Columbus

Opinions of Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus has always been revered as the man who discovered America, but as people look back over time, other ideas of Columbus have formed. Did he actually discover America? Or did he just encounter it? As other Native Americans had …

Christopher Columbus
Words 345
Pages 2
Unification of Spain

Unification of Spain: the Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly | Alexis Wilson | The Europeans wanted to expand their minds and their wealth with what the “unknown” world had to “offer”. When I say offer, I mean what they could take and run …

Christopher ColumbusCultureSpain
Words 1600
Pages 6
Marco Polo The Travels – The Silk Road

This is the story of a great young adventurous traveler. At the young age of 21, he embarked upon and successfully completed, the tasks seemed practically impossible to achieve in the era to which he belonged.  He was not much educated in the academic sense, …

Marco PoloSilk Road
Words 1674
Pages 7
Factors Contributing to Christopher Columbus’ Voyage

Christopher Columbus departed Spain on August 3, 1492 for his first voyage. He stopped at the Canary Islands for a final restocking and left there on September 6. He was in command of three ships known as the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. …

Christopher ColumbusEuropeExplorationSpain
Words 699
Pages 3
Marco Polo and Ponce de Leon

My two explorers are Marco Polo and Ponce De Leon. Marco Polo was one of the most famous westerner travelers. He traveled across Asia. He sailed south from Venice, Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. He also explored an area south of Beijing and the coast …

Marco Polo
Words 345
Pages 2
The Travels of Marco Polo

It was in 1254 when Maffeo Polo, a rich Venetian merchant, and his business partner brother Niccolo Polo were engaged in a journey outside Venice, Italy for trading in Constantinople and Far East.  Traveling on a Silk Road was a long sail, good enough for …

Marco Polo
Words 1072
Pages 4
Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is one of the only holidays named after a person, Christopher Columbus. Someone who has a holiday named after them should have made some very important contributions to history and have shown noble or admirable qualities as a person. Christopher Columbus however, does …

Christopher ColumbusSlavery
Words 837
Pages 4
Christopher Columbus: Journey and Colonization

The letter reveals a sense of urgency and uncertainty in Columbus derived from the intimation between world powers over the Island of Espanola and the unknown direction the New World would take. Columbus’ purpose in writing the formal letter is to explain to the “Most …

Christopher ColumbusGoldSpain
Words 747
Pages 3
Socratic Seminar Questions

English 1-2 1984 Socratic Seminar Questions 3. Reading and writing for pleasure promotes independent thought, but it is not dangerous. It lets you express how you are really feeling inside. It is something private that you decide whether or not someone may look at it. …

BullyingChristopher ColumbusHuman Nature
Words 536
Pages 2
The Second Letter of Henan Cortes to Charles V

In 1520, Hernan Cortés, a Spanish explorer, wrote two letters to Charles V in an attempt to justify his actions of attacking the Aztec Empire against the orders of his superiors. These letters provided a detailed account of the Aztec’s culture, lifestyle, and their pagan …

CultureHernan CortesPolitics
Words 1616
Pages 6
The Conquistadores’ History in The Letter of Hernan Cortes to Charles V of Spain

The Letter of Hernan Cortes to Charles V of Spain dated 1520 reveals the four main aspects of the Spanish conquistadores: their “first contact” experience, their mission, their reactions and their expectations. “The ostensible reason for entering Meso-America was to exploit the land of its …

Hernan CortesHistory
Words 987
Pages 4
Christopher Columbus a Hero?

In the 1500’s, people were curious about the world and wanted to advance so they explored, the explorers who discovered different things were regarded as hero’s but even though Christopher Columbus found America, he was no hero. Christopher Columbus unintentionally discovered America, when he landed …

Christopher ColumbusHeroesSlavery
Words 600
Pages 3
Spanish and English Motives for Settling America

In the early fourteenth century, the Americas were home to natives who had lived there for centuries. They had created entire cities for places of worship. These cities were occupied by skilled mathematicians, architects, and astronomers. Thought they did make human sacrifices to their many …

Christopher ColumbusCultureUnited States
Words 763
Pages 3
Marco Polo in Renaissance

Born in 1254 in Venice, Marco Polo is today a well-known figure of pre-Renaissance travels, and for his ground breaking travels to lands never before Journeyed by Europeans. He was an Italian traveler and author, and spent the majority of his life traveling and exploring. …

Marco PoloRenaissance
Words 931
Pages 4
Christopher Columbus Hero or Tiran

Christopher Columbus is revered as the conqueror of the new world; but many people have a different view of his accomplishments. People debate on whether Columbus discoveries were self-credited or completely his findings. There are two very different views of Columbus, in one hand there …

Christopher ColumbusExplorationHeroesSlaverySpain
Words 1928
Pages 8
Why Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated as National Holiday

Christopher Columbus is synonymous with discovery, innovation and exploration. People tend to think of these things because that is how his history and the European discovery of this continent has been shared with us. However, along with these terms also comes other ideas or words …

Christopher Columbus
Words 1037
Pages 4
Marco Polo Worships the Great Khan

Traveling from Cathay to Tinju, there is not a single page in The Travels of Marco Polo where he does not mention the Great Khan.  Whether this is a positive or a negative, the power of the Great Khan is routinely emphasized and the leader …

Marco PoloMoney
Words 1031
Pages 4
Hernán Cortés and the Spanish Colonization of Mexico

In the early 16th century, Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador, led an expedition that resulted in the fall of the Aztec Empire and brought significant portions of what is now mainland Mexico under the rule of the King of Castile. Along with other Spanish explorers …

GovernmentHernan CortesPolitics
Words 998
Pages 4
An Introduction to the Life of Hernan Cortes

Hernan Cortes was born in 1485 in Medellin, Extremadura. Little is known about his childhood or young life, except that he studied law at the University of Salamanca. In 1501, he decided to try his luck in the New World and sailed from Santo Domingo …

BiographyHernan CortesHistory
Words 847
Pages 4
The Consequences of the Encounter between the Old and New Worlds for Europeans, Africans, and Indigenous Peoples

The interaction between the Old and New World had a significant impact on the Europeans, Africans, and Indigenous people. With the establishment of trade routes, such as the Columbian Exchange, they were introduced to new ideas and products. Although it was a novel experience for …

Hernan CortesRacismSlaverySociety
Words 529
Pages 2
A View on the Arrival of Hernan Cortes in Mexico

The arrival of Hernan Cortes in Mexico was the beginning of the end of the indigenous people. The legacy and impact of Hernan Cortes was a bloody trail of oppression, destruction and greed. He destroyed the Aztec capital city and their culture, so he and …

Hernan CortesHistory
Words 986
Pages 4
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Young Ben Crandall (Ethan Hawke) spends his free time watching sci-fi films, playing video games and reading comic books. Surprisingly, his affinity for all things fantastical yields a real result -- when he has a vivid dream about technology, his science-loving friend Wolfgang Muller (River Phoenix) manages to create a working spacecraft. Joined by their buddy Darren Woods (Jason Presson), the boys take off into outer space and encounter some very odd extraterrestrial life.… MORE
Release date

July 12, 1985 (USA)


Joe Dante

Music by

Jerry Goldsmith


Ethan Hawke; River Phoenix ; Jason Presson

Produced by

David Bombyk; Edward S. Feldman


Production company: Paramount Pictures

Frequently asked questions

Why are explorers important in history?
Explorers are important in history for many reasons. They help us to understand the world around us and to discover new places. They also help us to learn about other cultures and to find new ways of doing things.Explorers often take risks in their quest for knowledge and they help to push the boundaries of human achievement. They can also be a source of inspiration for others who want to achieve great things.Explorers have played a vital role in the development of our understanding of the world and our place in it. They will continue to be important in the future as we strive to learn more about the world we live in and to explore new frontiers.
Who is an explorer in history?
An explorer is someone who travels to new places, often for the first time. This can be within their own country or to another country. Explorers are often looking for new routes or ways to travel, and they may also be looking for new things to discover. Many explorers are also scientists, and they may be looking to study the environment or the people in the places they visit.
What are the 5 reasons for exploration?
1. The desire to find new lands and expand one's territory2. The pursuit of new resources and trade routes3. The quest for adventure and excitement4. The desire to convert others to one's own belief system5. The hope of finding new and unclaimed territory
What were 3 things explorers were looking for?
During the Age of Exploration, Europeans were looking for a number of things, including new routes to Asia (and the corresponding trade opportunities), natural resources, and converts to Christianity. In particular, the Spanish were looking for gold and silver, while the English were hoping to find a northwest passage to Asia.

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