The Internal Business Process Perspective

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The Indus Motors Company has the Vision of becoming the most successful and respected business enterprise in the automobile industry through the provision of a diversified range of products and solutions to the delight of customers. The best people will achieve these objectives using the best forms of technology.


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Delivering value to customers through the attainment of market leadership

The Indus Motor Company (IMC) operated on a “Customer First” principle by ensuring that quality is maintained in manufacture of vehicles of vehicles and also quality service is provided to meet the expanding needs of Pakistani customers.

The IMC targets Pakistani customers. Through its 3S Dealership Network, the company is able to enhance quality to meet the satisfaction of the Pakistani market.

To ensure that the company achieves that it reaches the targeted customers by following the operating measures, priority has been given to customer insight by employing qualified customer care personnel. The corporate wing of the company is always renewed to enable new product development and improved services to the customers.

Bringing quality of Toyota products to Pakistan

The company aims at achieving this objective through the maximization of the three dimensions of product development, that is; Quality, Reliability and Durability.

It aims to achieve this measure by targeting technological transfer. IMC also promotes indigenization within the organization and to all its distributing vendors.
The company has resolved to meet the Toyota Global Standards. This is being achieved through the raised bar in all supported functions.

The Company’s Mission is to ensure that their products will guarantee their customers safe and sound journey and at the same time developing technologies that are environmental friendly, energy saving and ensuring sustainability.

The following table represents the objectives the company aims at undertaking to improve the organization’s internal business process in relation to the company’s Mission and Vision( FMA 2006). Read about 

dealer satisfaction 

Showing respect to the people

The company’s mission and vision statement includes creating delightful customers. This ensured through the treatment of employees as the most important and competitive resource that must be sustained.

There is an old adage that goes, charity begins at home. IMC targets its employees and it ensures that it provides to them a conducive environment suitable for learning whereby their creativity and teamwork is fostered.

The company ensures that there is equality in the provision of employment opportunities. It also ensures that there is diversity and inclusion of people from all races.  The company is also building mutual trust that will offer mutual responsibility and trust among the company.

The company aims to become a good corporate citizen

The company engages in social, environmental and other philanthropic activities that help in the enrichment of the society in Pakistan. It also ensures that corporate value has been enhanced to achieve stability in long-term growth.
The targeted areas are road safety, funding institutions that offer technical education and environmental based programmes.

It obeys the laws of the state and also follows the ethical codes of business practices.

Relationships to other objectives
The IMC hopes to attain it mission and vision objectives by incorporating a number of measures and actions. It aspires to produce high quality products to delight customers and to capture market leadership through the delivery of value to customers. This ambition is seen through the “Customer First” initiative. It also gives back to the society by extending its corporate responsibility in education, health, environment and welfare projects (Toyota 2009)


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