Writing a Proposal Essay: Significant Information for Students

What is a proposal essay? What information should be included in a proposal essay? How should a proposal essay be structured? All these questions students ask when they are given a task to write a proposal essay. The information in the article will answer all these questions about proposal essay writing and will help students with their task.

What is a proposal essay?

A proposal essay is a specific type of an essay that highlights the problem and disputes it. Moreover, writing a proposal essay, students should take one solution to a problem and convince readers that only this solution is possible; there are no other better variants.

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How should proposal essay be structured?

The structure of a proposal essay does not differ much from the structure of a simple essay: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion must part and parcel of a proposal essay.

What information should be included in a proposal essay?

  • First paragraphs should contain information on a problem. Moreover, the consequences if the problem is not solved should be enumerated in order to convince the reader that the issue is urgent and needs solution.
  • The subsequent paragraphs should examine the solutions to the problem mentioned. Student should underline the fact that ignoring a problem can lead to harmful consequences.
  • Students must sound argumentative. Solutions they are going to point out should be supported with specific information from the sources.
  • Moreover, students should lay emphasis on the fact that the solution they offer in an essay is effective and must be implemented in life.
  • Students must summarize all the information mentioned above in the conclusion of a proposal essay. In fact, the conclusion should restate information debated in the introduction.

So, writing a proposal essay, students should keep in mind the information stated above. They should not forget to sound convincing.