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Companies these days resort to the Internet to make business transaction easier. With this, e-business was coined. Anyone can now shop on the Internet. A customer can just browse a site for the products and pay via credit card or wire money transfer. These days, anyone can even book flights and pay air tickets online with the help of airlines with websites. In this case, there is American Airlines, Delta and Southwest Airlines. First to be reviewed is the website of American Airlines.

The representations of legal, ethical and regulatory issues are all seen clearly on the website. The welcoming introduction warns viewers or visitors of the site to carefully read everything in the Agreement before proceeding with any transaction with the airline. It also tells its visitors that if one is not bound by the legal terms and conditions, then the website should not be accessed by the visitor anymore (American Airlines, 2007).

Other issues discussed are intellectual property notifications, representations and warranties, indemnity obligations and limitations among many others. It makes visitors aware that everything seen on the website is a property of the American Airlines website. American Airlines allow only people who are 18 years old and above to access the site, not because of explicit content but because of the financial responsibilities that go with it (American Airlines, 2007).

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The website is all about availing of the services and products offered by the airline company. The simple act of signing in, clicking on icons or ticking boxes on the website will mean financial responsibility on the part of the visitor. People under 18 years of age do not have legal ability or right to use and follow the terms and conditions and the legal issues stated in the website. American Airlines put limitations on every visitor's use of the website. Transacting business and making legitimate reservations are what the website is all about.

The website shows what services and products are available at a given period of time. It is indeed used as a reference for visitors, in order for them not to visit the office anymore. The Internet is home to faster business transactions these days, and American Airlines provide this convenience to its customers by coming up with a website. However, as said earlier, limitations on use is clearly defined and explained on the website. American Airlines tells its users that the website is not for commercial use (American Airlines, 2007).

The website of American Airlines also discussed 19 things which a customer should avoid when doing a transaction with American Airlines, all of which related to threats, violation of intellectual property rights, abuse of use, misrepresentation and commercial usage. A visitor's communication with American Airlines is always monitored. That said, the airline can always reproduce or publish anything you disclose to the company if needed and if highly necessary. However, this is applicable only with the information a visitor sends through electronic mail or otherwise (Carey, 2001).

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