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Company Transaction Processing System

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS INTRODUCTION As today’s inventions became more advance, the influence of such inventions to the people brought two classes. These are the good and bad influence. The bad influence is that young generation now became addicted in online games and was became lazy in doing home works and the like. While the good influence is that offices in many departments that use computerized system their works become easier and faster since it eliminates the paper works and the workload of the employees too.

Now, a most efficient, flexible and reliable system has become a must for any institution and organization. In order to achieve the improvement of the system that the department uses, the need to understand the system within the office is very important. From this period; we are living in the era where technology is more important in the progression of human life. The convenience of technology that everyone can achieve is very useful in everyday life. And even today, the very fast evolution of technology is continuing day by day.

The effectiveness of technology plays an important role in many industries world wide. In business, schools or even individual can enjoy the convenience came from technology. All the things that seems to be impossible in the past now it is very easy to achieve because of the presence of technology Try to imagine a college department with a most number of employees but still use a manual transaction system? One of the problems of many schools nowadays is the manual process of transaction system.

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With the use of the technology, each step by step process of a manual transaction system will reduce and also lessen the time to be consumed. That’s why the proponents proposed an automated transaction system to improve the transactions that may acquire by the use of technology. The automated transaction system makes the assessment and payment faster; it also covers accurate input of employee information including the evaluation of grades, subjects and scheduling. The system also covers the generating of employee identification together with the employee number in the form of barcode font style.

This ID can be used in transaction by scanning his/her ID number to be automatically assessed. This barcode technology is very faster and suitable for this transaction. Short Message Service (SMS) is also a very good product of the innovation of technology. Nowadays it is very useful to the public because of its ability in long distance communication. Less effort than from past when we are using letter just to communicate with some relative miles and miles away from us. The proponents decided to use sms technology to have a better enhancement for the proposed system.

The functionality of this technology is to provide a notification for the employees according to the updates of the school and also checking the grades of the employee. It would be possible with the use of the Short Message Service Technology that would be sending to the employees registered on the system. The proponents of this study are eager to improve the manual system of transaction and make the process faster and accurate. The proposed system is intended for Colegio De Sebastian to upgrade their existing transaction process. The proposed system aims to improve the process of maintaining and storing data to maintain its security.

The system will also help the administrator speed up the processing of accurate information to minimized time wasted in the present system by proposing a “Company Transactions Processing System” This chapter covers the background of the study, statement of the problem, conceptual framework, objectives of the study and scope and delimitation. 1. 1 Background of the Study In January 20, 2011, Colegio de Sebastian was founded by a couple who are known philanthropists and educators. Its primary purpose is to offer accessible quality education in the tertiary level, the couple’s dream for the young people of Pampanga.

It was organized as a non-sectarian, non-stock, non-profit corporation oriented towards service to the community. The initial programs in the school of Business and Accountancy are Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in Financial Management and Human Resource Development Management. The initial program in the School of Arts and Sciences is Bachelor of Science in Psychology and in the school of Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. The proponents proposed a system entitled “Company Transactions Processing System”.

This system makes the transaction to be faster and more accurate than the manual process. It also lessens the manpower during the operation of the transaction. This study is intended to help our locale in their transaction system by providing an automated transaction that satisfies the needs of the locale. 1. 2 Statement of the Problem The proponents conducted an investigation to have a better solution in the problems being encountered during transaction. With the help of the information gathered through actual experience and observation, the proponents have known of various problems and lead to this study.

This study is conducted to develop a better solution and provide a system that can help the locale from the problem that may encounter during transaction. 1. 3. 1 General Problem Colegio De Sebastian is using Manual transaction system that lead to inaccurate information, not reliable, less security and slow process of transaction 1. 3. 2 Specific Problems Specifically, the study sought answers to the following problems. 1. The information of the outsourced parties is not well organized. 2. The paper based transaction system is time consuming. 3. Calculations on transaction with the complexity is not accurate 4.

Retrieval of needed information is not punctual. 5. It requires too many employees to assess and manage different transaction from different departments. 1. 3 Objectives of the Study This study will not be possible without the presence of goals or objectives. These objectives will serve as guides in determining the proposed of the proponents has been achieve. 1. 3. 1 General Objective The study aims to develop a “Company Transactions Processing System” that will replace the existing system providing more advantages, security, faster and reliable transaction. 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the proposed system entitled “Company Transactions Processing System” are: 1. To provide an efficient system that can maintain and manage the information of outsourced parties. 2. To provide a system that can lessen the time consumed in different transactions. 3. To provide an accurate system that accurately computes transactions with vital calculations. 4. To provide a system that can sends the information needed faster and more organized. 5. To reduce the employee in maintaining the records of transactions and the said third parties involved. 1. Assumptions The assumption of the study will determine that you expect to happen in your study. It is a partial conclusion that the proponents stated throughout the development of the study. The proponents’ assumptions are as follows: The following are the assumption of the proponents 1. The system will maintain and manage the information from the employees 2. The system will lessen the time of being consume in transaction 3. The system will accurately compute complex transactions.. 4. The system will send information needed by other departments in their transactions. 5.

The system will reduce the employee in maintaining and operating the transaction process. 1. 5 Conceptual Framework of the Study The proponents were able to get and give process and flow of the proposed study and how it reacts with the user. It shows the input variables the processed involved in generating the expected output of the system. The paradigm of the existing system and the proposed system is presented below. Figure 1. 1 shows the paradigm of the manual transaction method of the school. The Output is the Existing Transaction System which Colegio De Sebastian is currently using. Output Manual Transactions System Process

Manual: Gathering of data Record keeping Computation of payments Input Outsourced parties information Employee information Transactions information Evaluation Output Manual Transactions System Process Manual: Gathering of data Record keeping Computation of payments Input Outsourced parties information Employee information Transactions information Evaluation Figure 1. 1 Paradigm of the Existing System Figure 1. 2 composed of three boxes for the input, process and the output. All the information is saved on the database to keep and manipulates properly the information. Output refers to the Company Transactions Processing System Output

Company Transactions System for Colegio de Sebastian Output Company Transactions System for Colegio de Sebastian Process Data interpretation Integration of data into the system Computerized assessment of information Computerized computation of payments Generate reports Process Data interpretation Integration of data into the system Computerized assessment of information Computerized computation of payments Generate reports Input Outsourced parties Information Registration Forms Employee’s transactions information Company other transactions information Input Outsourced parties Information Registration Forms Employee’s transactions information

Company other transactions information Evaluation Evaluation Figure 1. 2 Paradigm of the Proposed System 1. 6 Significance of the Study The proposed system will be useful in our locale “Colegio de Sebastian” which helps eradicate the usage of the existing manual methods. The proponents believed that it will provide speed, efficiency, effectiveness in their transaction process. It will provide speed in Assessment of the employees, security and user-friendliness in mind. 1. 6. 1 Economic Significance Every school or company has the initiative to maximize their efficiency to save time, money, and increase growth.

The proposed system lessens the man power because the system itself can automatically assess the subject of the employees. There is no need to hire personnel who will manually assess the subject of the employees. 1. 6. 2 Educational Significance This study will be significant to Proponents to improve their skills and it will help them practice and be able to share their study to future proponents. The system also offer an improvement of the school transaction, in that case even the professor, employee and the employees can acquire deeper knowledge to cope up in changing the old way of their transaction rocess. 1. 6. 3 Social Significance The system’s easy to use interface, speed, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness can help the user gain confidence, lessen effort and for a faster transaction process that will help them perform well in work. Having an organized and automated system in any school is one factor to have a smooth operation. Having this system, the school can strongly monitor the transaction of every employee which turns provides a peace of mind. 1. 6. 4 Technological Significance Computerization in the business or even in school today has become the current trend today.

Many industries rely on the power that computers have to offer. And with the study, many schools will have to initiative to revolutionize their systems for their own advantage. We all know that technology is frequently changing and reshaping our life. The use of barcode, kiosk and Shot Message Service are integrated in this study to deliver different enhancement that will be beneficial to the employees, teachers and employee. 1. 7 Scope and Delimitations The scope and delimitations of the proposed system entitled “Company Transactions Processing System” are emphasized in this section.

The proposed system has an ability to manage and manipulate the information of the employee. This system uses database in keeping the record and have an assurance that the information is secured from the directory. The proposed system can automatically assess the subject of the employees by scanning their employee identification and through the use of kiosk the employees can choose those subjects they want to enroll. This scope makes the transaction system more convenient to the employee and to the employees because it is just a self service in the part of the employee.

The system has a different level of access. The system administrator is the one who manage and maintain the overall operation; he can access both the server and client side. While the Registrar, Accounting, Professor and the Employee has limited access in the system. The registrar can only access the registering matters like inputting of employee profile and maintaining the assessment of the subject. The accounting can only access with regards in the collecting of fees, he can access the payment of the fee from the employees.

The professor access in the system is the posting of grades of the employees and lastly the employees can only access the kiosk part of the system which provides an auto assessment of their subjects with the use of barcode that is embedded in their id. Each system that had been developed has its own limitations and weaknesses that the user must know. The following is the limitation of the proposed system. In the part of the employee, any lost or misplacement of Employees Identification are subjects for replacement. The employees are the responsible to avail the new Employee Identification.

The system cannot send any messages to the employees who has no cell phone and to the employees who are not register on the system itself. It is not responsible for the delay of messages and network weak signals. Such incident will be part of the network provider. The system is dependent on the electricity. If power failure occurs, all the system operation will terminate. Even the sending of SMS will temporarily unavailable. The system ID generator has a limited caption and image you can enter to the ID, five captions with two images in the front and also five caption and two images in the back.

The Design of the ID is depended on how the users design the ID. 1. 8Operational Definition of Terms There are different terms that the proponents used; the following are the definition of the operational terms that the proponents used. Data – are distinct pieces of information usually formatted in special way. Data can exist in variety of forms – as numbers, or text on piece of paper, as bit or bytes stored in electronic memory Database - is an integrated collection of logically-related records or files consolidated into a common pool that provides data for one or more multiple uses.

One way of classifying databases involves the type of content, for example: bibliographic, full-text, numeric, and image. Local Area Network (LAN)–A local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers in a limited area such as a home, school, computer laboratory, or office building Module – is a self-contained component of a system, which has a well-defined interface to other components Software – The programs, routines, and symbolic languages that control the functioning of the hardware and direct its operation.

Structure Query Language (SQL)–A standardized query language for maintaining and accessing database information, it support distributed databases and allows user on a network to access same data simultaneously. User interface - In the industrial design field of human-machine interaction, the user interface is (a place) where interaction between humans and machines occurs. The goal of interaction between a human and a machine at the user interface is effective operation.

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