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Atone De Dave University Business Research

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Long lines and Impatient students further worsened the problem. The manual system was scrapped and was replaced with a more automated and static approach. Through the system is fairly new and still has some minor issues that needs to be resolved, the improvement between the old system is still unmatched. Efficiency still lay as a question. If the means Justifies the result.

Research Question:

1 . How the efficiency of the online enrollment system does affect the student of the Atone De Dave university - College Unit?

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Atone De Dave University Business Research

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2. What is the relevance of the efficiency of the online enrollment in Atone De Dave University?

3. Which process should be immediately improved to make the online enrollment efficient?

4. Is there an immediate need of widening the online coverage of enrollment system?

Importance/Benefits: The importance of this research study is to minimize the time consumed during enrollment period. It is because the online enrollment system in the Atone De Dave University - College unit is not efficient enough to satisfy the students of the Add - College unit.

In this case, the online enrollment system's efficiency should be improved In order to serve the enrollment process faster. The benefit that we can get from this study Is that the school and Its administration can lessen problems that they can possibly encounter during the enrollment days. Read about online enrollment system proposal

Research Design:

Exploration Design: We are going to conduct survey for the user of the system (sample of the students) to ask how happy are they with the new system. With the efficiency of online enrollment in ADD.

Somehow efficient 2

Efficient How satisfied are you with the following processes: Not efficient Updates Open-ended: Bandwidth With the problem regarding about the efficiency of online enrollment in ADD, what area do you think that needs more improvement, to satisfy the user of enrollment system. The proponent will review the set of questionnaires sent to the student of Atone De Dave University. The questionnaire aims in determining the efficiency of the current enrollment system in the Atone. Visual display of the data will be in bar/chart form.

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