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At the same time it must be noticed that within the business nobody except the top two levels of senior management ever had or have appraisals and the management themselves very rarely have meetings with the line workers. Appraisals have been proved to be very important for businesses, in order to be able to measure the company's overall performance over a period of time.

There are two approaches to performance appraisals that the company could follow, the first one is the traditional appraisal that involves more about the company's overall past performance and the development approach performance where this approaches more the employees as individuals and is more forward looking through the use of goal setting for each employee and from my point of view it will be more useful for this specific company, in order to satisfy its employees.

With this appraisal the company will be able to work with each employee and motivate them, offer them skills development and provide everybody with the direction and the level of the employees ambition and wants. Also this type of appraisal will show management interest in employee development something that will also help management as they will retain ambition and also have capable employees that are satisfied with their job instead of losing their employees to their competitors.

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In order to compile with this appraisal it is important that a structure of communications is provided so it is clearly clarified to everyone, the expectations of each worker and who they are responsible to within the business. Provisions should be made for the regular feedback of information to clarify and modify the goals of each employee and with regular meetings the unacceptable performance needs to be corrected before it is too late and the superior performance needs to be rewarded with proper praise and recognition.

Employees that their performance is not suitable for the company need to be coached-mentored so they are helped to achieve their objectives and obviously staff with low performance levels should have different goals to other members of staff, so each employee needs to be diagnosed for his/her strengths and weaknesses and then his/her goals-objectives should be set.

When a member of staff needs to develop his/her skills then there should be a discussion between the management and the employee in order to be helped to utilize his/her skills and at the same time being useful for the business to improve his/her performance, so every decision about development of skills should be done after a discussion and only if both parties agree about it.

All the feedback that the company gets from employees needs to be in written documents and then it is the job of the human resource manager to develop an employee profile and keep up-dating the details of each employee file so it is clear to everyone who everybody is and what they are doing within the business.

The company could also install and agree when completing a contract with an employee, designated points of contact, where everybody will have to discuss often about their performance and about the problems they might be facing within the business and then make a development plan and set their objectives, something that will help the management keep on track with each employee individually. Analysis of the attitude survey also shows that what workers want, has not got to do so much with pay, hours and rest brakes than with feeling value and being respected by their employers.

When the employers don't respect their employees a similar feeling of no respect towards the management will dominate the employees too. When there is no understanding and respect between people, it is obvious that it is very difficult to co-operate and impossible to produce the maximum of their capability. As a result of the above, the organization is not getting good value for the money they are paying their employees and they could produce the same as a few years ago with the same employees and it is all together cost effective for the business, so good employee relations is vital at this point of view for the company.

Informing and consulting employees should be an on going process, in good times as well as bad times for the company. There needs to be a climate of trust between management, employees and the administrator, built up over a period of time, through which employees should be able to acquire an informed understanding of the future challenges faced by the business, so they can then offer maximum employee contribution, this is very important for every company and this is where this specific company deprives.

Even more a company that produces and offers to customers mobile phone equipment that help people communicate, should show to everyone the ideal communication links that should exist between people in any circumstances, the company innovates all the time in order to satisfy customer needs and they should be able to find solutions to solve the internal company problems in order to keep having a good reputation in the market.

This company in general lines seems to be successful and the internal problems that have come up are obviously linked to the bad human resources practice within the business and as soon as this is sorted out by the human resource manager, the company will start having positive growth figures again.

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