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Business Level Strategy

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The virtual drilling centers are an addition to the company’s cutting edge technology that enhances the drilling by monitoring, analyzing and directing drilling processes around the globe. This has been made possible through the simple act of placing sensors right behind the drill bit. These sensors send signals to a satellite linked to the company’s Drilling Information Management Center located in Houston.

Data and information captured in this manner includes; the depth of the well, the speed of the drill, pressures and temperatures in the well and its environment as well as details on the amounts of soil flowing in and out of the well being drilled. By analyzing this information, geoscientists and well drilling engineers are able to monitor and direct the drilling operations in any of the company’s potential oil wells in the world.

With the state of the art technology such as seismic imaging, geologists and drilling engineers can scan 3D projection of seismic data, with the power and capability of the supercomputers and developments in innovation in parallel processing. This capability is further enhanced with the availability of 3D pointers (devices that enable the manipulation of objects in virtual environments) a new well can be planned at the same time while the effects and changes to the reservoir observed instantaneously.

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Environmental Challenges With “go green” demands being made by environmental sustainability activists and supporters, the ExxonMobil could feel the pressure to review the data and information it had on its emissions. Currently the company makes huge investments in research and implementation of environmentally friendly production processes. The investment in LNG would be a way to reduce the emissions as this gas is natural gas.

… over the past two years, ExxonMobil announced the development of a new technology for on-board hydrogen reforming to power fuel cell vehicles, deployment of new battery separator films for use in lithium-ion batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles, and a major pilot project to demonstrate a more efficient means to capture carbon dioxide from produced gas (Rossi 200). The company’s broad research programs and support processes enable constant development of each of its businesses as well as exploration of up-and-coming energy sources and advancements.

When it comes to the company’s shareholders, ExxonMobil has been know to be a great campaigner of profitability that ensures it’s premium and superior returns to every investments made. The company strives to ensure that its customers’ dynamic and frequently changing needs are satisfied by employing innovative and timely responsive processes while offering quality and affordable products Related Diversification

ExxonMobil is well known for business-line strategic decisions that ultimately form the foundation of the company’s business segmentation and operational divisions. Over 500 airline as well as governmental consumers spread over more than 80 countries, ExxonMobil’s worldwide aviation fuels industry is the leading in worldwide jet fuel supply fueling over 4, 000 aircraft on a daily basis. With a portfolio that is market specific, ExxonMobil is able to assert its retailing expertise and capabilities.

Branding specifically to target markets is one of the successful business level strategies employed by the company. Available in Belgium and France is the Esso Express brand of retailing stations that are basically unattended. For consumers in a hurry and mostly busy, the company unveiled the Speedpass that would offer an easy and fast method to buy gasoline without the use of cash or a card.

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