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Business Studies Level

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To the left of each task is the criteria the task relates to. In order to gain a pass, you must complete all (P) tasks, for a merit, all the (P) and (M) tasks, and for a distinction, all the (P), (M) and (D) tasks. Tasks Powering presentation. Your finished work should include: title page contents page this task sheet all the best portfolio work in the correct task order Resources: You may collect information from the following sources: lesson notes text books internet research information obtained by yourself.

Scenario: You will be working as an Assistant at University Church of England Academy investigating how the Academy communicates internally and externally. Description of the unit: In this unit you will learn that the collection and management of business information, and the successful communication of that information throughout ACE, is critical for the future prosperity of the Academy. Unit 4 Task 1 You have been asked to carry out research into how ACE manages and communicates information. Pl Explain: the information comes from and its purpose. To complete this task you need to cover both internal and external sources of information.

In addition you must cover the following: verbal written onscreen multi-media web based purposes of information: updating knowledge informing future developments strategic decision SOOT analysts offering competitive insight communicating sales promotions inviting support for activities sources of information: internal, egg financial, human resources, marketing, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, administration; external, egg government, trade groupings, commercially provided, databases, research; reliability of data sources. Evidence: Present your work in the form of a detailed chart.

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Business Studies Level

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PI Present complex internal business information using three different methods. To complete this task you can present a web page and a leaflet from the Academy, discussing the nature of its intended audience and its likely purpose. Presentation methods to meet the needs of the user: egg document, use of style, verbal presentations, role plays, onscreen multi-media presentation, use of images, web-based presentation, multi-lingual support. Output requirement: egg resolution of images, page layout, text formatting, use of tables, combining information from a range of applications, use of specialist software and hardware.

Presenting corporate strap-lines, endorsements, sponsorship. Evidence: Web page, leaflet, Observation Record of verbal presentation. MI Analyses different types of information from the Academy and their sources. Evidence: Present your work as a detailed chart. Del Select a recent planning decision made by the Academy and evaluate whether the information used to make the decision was appropriate. To complete this task you must evaluate at least two sets of information which have been used to make strategic decisions. Task 2 You have been asked to work on corporate communications in the Academy.

PI Produce a poster to be included on Sauce's website communicating information about the Academy sports facilities. Evidence: Present your work as a poster. To complete this task you should cover the following corporate communication methods: advertising packaging logos livery strap lines endorsements sponsorship MM Using information obtained from the Academy, analyses the legal, ethical and operational issues in relation to the use of information. To complete this task you must cover the following: Legal issues: relevant data protection legislation egg Data Protection Act 1998,

Information Act 2000, Computer Misuse Act 1990 Ethical issues: codes of practice, egg on use of email, internet, Whistle blowing organizational policies; information ownership Operational issues: Freedom of security of information; backups; health and safety; organizational policies; business continuance plans; costs egg additional resources required, cost of development; impact of increasing sophistication of systems, egg more trained personnel, more complex software. Evidence: Powering presentation contributors to the success of an organization, using examples to illustrate your mints.

To complete this task you need to include examples to illustrate your work. Evidence: Present your work as a report. Task 3 You have been asked to carry out work on the legal and ethical issues in relation to the use of business information in the Academy. PI Explain Sauce's policies on ethical issues in relation to business information and explain how the Academy complies with its legal obligations. PI Explain the following: a) how the Academy ensures that the information it uses is secure b) health and safety issues associated with information management and the placement of new systems to manage information.

PI Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information in the Academy using examples for different types of audience. Attention p, accessibility, interest, distraction, avoidance, business experience and knowledge, industry-related experience and knowledge. Methods of written communication: egg letter; memorandum, fax, invoice, flow-charts, publicity material, email and screen based, SMS (short message service), www (worldwide web). Methods of non-written communication: egg telephone call, video conferencing.

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