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Business and administrative communication

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Communication is the lifeline of every human interaction anywhere. It is the bond that keeps humans in various sectors of society including the home and workplace. It comprises comprehension of the sender, and effective and coherent response of the receiver. It is an inevitable for organizational success. Therefore, it is important that messages received or sent should be comprehensible.


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The first and most important strategy for communicating in this regard is to specify a target person or population[s] to which the message is directed. This is immediately followed by the socio-economic and educational status of the target. It is then good to determine the content of the communication, and structure such in terms and symbols consistent with the identified level of understanding already determined. Besides, there should be an underlying principle of respect for opinion, acknowledgement of the person[s] power to choose.


Responses from readers could range between two extremes: excessive appreciation undue criticism. Some would be elated by a message while others see it as disgusting or repulsive. Some appreciate it while others are critical about it. This reaction is normal, and varies with the level of understanding and depth of knowledge of the reader.


Effective communication is the art of successful send of information to the receiver in such a way that it becomes easy to get a corresponding reply. This requires skills built over time by knowledge and practice. The following techniques are useful:

  • The message must have a target audience
  • It should be set for to achieve a purpose; this can persuasive, narrative, informative or negative.
  • The content should be ascertained.
  • The receiver’s interest should be determined on the issue of communication, and put into consideration when planning the content of the message.
  • The content should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Information dissemination needs not be rushed to give room for processing.
  • This should also have a logical sequence that is easy to retain and recollect.

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