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Strategic, Tactical and Administrative Crime Analysis Talisa Mulligan Unit 2 Project CJ110: Introduction to Crime Analysis Professor Moore June 24, 2011 It is important to make sure that when a crime occurs, all the pieces of evidence are gathered, all the victims and witnesses are questioned separately and as soon as possible while the crime details are still fresh in their minds. An important question to ask the victims and witnesses is any description of the criminal, physical, sound of the criminal’s voice, what they were wearing, and any distinguishing marks, behavior or anything else that they noticed to help identify the criminal.

In this project, I was to read three crimes that occurred and discuss what type of analysis I would use, clues to the different crimes that I could use to help identify the criminal, how the MO’s were similar and different, whether or not I suspect these crimes are tied together as a series, and what types of work products I would utilize to help identify the criminals. Upon reading these crime reports, I would use tactical analysis. Tactical analysis is used on a daily basis to look for potential crime patterns that may be beginning or already existing to help catch the criminal and prevent them from committing further crimes.

I would refer to tactical analysis with these three incidences because I can identify similarities within the crime scenes, including the locations, dates, times, and descriptions of the offenders. When reviewing the information, I notice similarities in the three crimes which tells me this is a crime series. A crime series is multiple crimes committed by the same offenders. The similarities found from the information gathered from the scenes and witnesses that I noticed are the disguises the offenders wore, the places they robbed, the times of the night, the locations, and what they took.

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All three crimes had similar modus operandi (MO). The suspects entered the convenience stores at night, with guns in their hands, masks on their faces, and black hooded sweatshirts on. The suspects took the money from the registers and cartons of Marlboro cigarettes. In two of the three crimes, two suspects entered the store. One suspect entered the store in the third crime, however; was heard yelling to a second individual. The MO’s that differed from the three crimes are within the third crime. Only one suspect entered, and he actually struck the employee with the butt of the gun.

That was the first physical incident that occurred within this series of crimes. Some clues to help identify the suspects are a tattoo of a spider with droplets of blood on one of the suspect’s right leg and he was a white male. Surveillance in the last two crimes were on surveillance and caught the incidents and the suspects’ car as they were leaving. The car was a tan Ford Taurus with temporary plates, the numbers weren’t seen. In the last robbery, the one male suspect who entered the store by himself, called the other suspect “Nemo” which could be a nickname the other suspect is known by.

During the robbery, the suspects took cartons of Marlboro cigarettes, and although that is a popular brand, they may be have an over abundance of them or may be selling them. During the first robbery, the employee noticed the suspects were wearing gloves, but the employee in the second robbery did not notice if they were wearing gloves, and in the third robbery, there was no mention if gloves were worn, so there is a good chance the scene could supply fingerprints. And finally, in the last two robberies, the suspects were seen leaving eastbound on Mainstreet, which is a good indicator it is the direction of where they live or can be found.

Work products I would utilize for this series of crime are briefings with the officers, so they will have knowledge of the crimes and any updated information on the suspects so they can keep an eye out while they are out on patrol. I would use crime bulletins and reports, which will allow me to see if similar reports have been made at other locations to help determine where the suspects are traveling and if more information is gathered on them. I would reach out to the media with special alerts to see if anyone has any further information.

Utilizing charts and spreadsheets will help keep track of where the suspects have been and help predict where they may go, and what areas need to be patrolled more. In these three crimes, the suspects for the most part, remained consistant, and I think that while they continue to do so, it will make the job of the analysist and officers much easier to apprehend these individuals. It is very important that the victims of crimes are interviewed immediately with a follow up, to be certain that they are able to give as many clues as possible. References: N/A

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