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Business Aims and Objectives

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Most businesses have aims and objectives about how they are going to make their business successful. Most businesses have different aims and objectives. For example a schools main aim will be getting as many students to a high educational standard. Some businesses may state official aims in a statement that is part of the business's policy. The mission statement of First Direct, the telephone banking arm of HSBC, is to `create harmony between the services it provides and the way people live their lives with simple, straightforward products`.

Another example is BUPA, the private health care and insurance company, has a vision statement of `taking care of the lives in our hands. An aim is a goal the business wants to achieve. For example to make a good profit, the business has aims to reach their goals such as expanding or improving their services or quality of goods. All businesses aim to provide goods and/or services, either to their local community or to the wider community. The main aim of every business is to survive. The only way it can do this is to make a profit.

Its turnover, the goods or services it sells must be bigger than its operating expenses, or the day to day cost of running the business. Tesco's main aim will be to provide a good service to all customers, while providing an acceptable return for its shareholders. Tesco has a key phrase which Tesco basis its business around, `Creating value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty`. Tesco listen to the customers needs better than any other business, as they provide an excellent service (customer service). This would help retain customers and gain a healthy profit.

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Tesco have four types of stores so this will provide them with a steady sales revenue. The four types of stores around the UK and they are, Tesco superstore, Tesco Extra, Tesco Express and Tesco Metro. Tesco have located each of these stores in an excellent location around the UK. While they gain customer loyalty by doing this they will also gain a steady income so they will be able to share some of its profits with its shareholders. However if they don't make customer loyalty and gain a steady income, they will lose money and so will its shareholders.

The shareholder of a Tesco is always at risk of losing their money, which is why Tesco offer a better return than that of a bank where the shareholder is at no risk of losing money. Another of Tesco's aims is to look after their customers as customers are very important because they provide income to the business. Also Tesco need to do their best to deliver good products at a cheap price to their customers and the public. Tesco aim to treat all their customers in an appropriate manner.

By doing this Tesco will gain customer satisfaction and lifetime loyalty. By treating their customer's well Tesco will also get a good reputation and also they may gain other competitors customers. Tesco also aim to understand their external customers needs better. Therefore, Tesco carries out market research to find out the customers needs. They produce surveys and questionnaires for the customers to fill out. Using market research, they can see how their products may compare to other supermarkets and which products the customers like the best.

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