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Describe the sector in which your organization operates. My organization operates In the care sector but I work In the office In the admit and payroll department. London Care provides care support people who live In their own homes . You may be an older person, have a physical disability or impaired hearing or vision or you may have learning disability or mental health needs. This type of service is often referred to as domiciliary care or home care.  My organization is UK largest successful home care, personal assistance and Individual support providers. Our services help people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of living independently in their homes and local communities.  Is to support the client Care Co-ordination and the Branch Manager In the day to day management of office administrative tasks linked to the provision of care support services.

It is expected that the Administration Assistant will undertake their tasks in accordance with the Company's policies and procedures. M responsible for a number of duties: Monitoring care worker making sure they arrived carry out task to service user and stay the duration. Running of care support worker payroll and resolving any subsequent wage quires. Payroll, electronically paying employees and confirming time sheets. General office administrative duties within Social Care. Ensuring care worker received their Rota on time on a weekly basis . Describe how your role fits Into our organization's structure My role is very important I am the first port of call; I am the first person that visitors see on entering our office. I answer the phone deal with pay quires and invoices also help my team with other admit duties. Describe how your role contributes to the organization operations organization. It is my roles to ensure that visitor are taken care of and that I set business image. If I was to treat visitor poorly at the front desk it's likely that they would have a negative image of me.

My main role responsibilities as Administrator is to ensure that all care worker are paid each month. I also have to monitor care worker electronically ensure that care has to been carried out. I also have to ensure that timeshares are printed and striated to Care workers in an accurate and timely fashion. Meeting agreed payroll and invoicing deadlines distribute paisleys and gross reports. I also help with typing, archiving, filing, date management and minute taking at meetings. Outlines the policies, procedures, systems and values of organization that is relevant to our role. As an employee of this organization, I strive my best to abide by the policies and procedures of my organization Guidelines, procedures and code of practice that relate to my work are very important as each of them gives me critical information on how to perform my Job effectively and safely. How to answer the phone, dress code, how to handle email, how to store and retrieve information, how to use IT to exchange and store information, how to use office equipment and ensure my own actions to reduce risk to health and safety.

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Reporting of accidents at work, fire drills, reporting absence from work and first aid. Code of practice: Good customer service, quality assurance, freedom of information privacy of personal data.  Outline who you would consult if unsure about organizational policies, procedures, systems and values If I am unsure about organizational policies, procedures systems and values I would intact my manager.  Explain the purpose of working with others people to achieve goals and objectives It is important to keep other people informed about progress because it will help them know the targets already achieved and what they are to achieve . This will help them set up their objectives in order to meet their targets. In terms of Business administration I think it is important to keep people informed about progress so that other people can plan priorities their workloads. Is important to keep people informed of where you are.

By doing this you can also gain information on timescales, when this work needs to be completed. If you are unable to complete something by the time requested then other people will have to re-priorities their own workloads to fit around you and by keeping people informed of your progress you can show that you are on track with your work. Identify situations in which working with others can achieve positive results People can bounce ideas off each other. Working with others can also help with problem solving. Good team work promotes a positive corporate image.

Two heads are better than one. T= Together Each A=Achieves M= More. Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing work goals and plans when working with others. Establishing goals and objectives with your employees can help you effectively. When employees have a firm understanding of what is expected of them, they can develop project plans and agendas that will help them manage their work time more efficiently. You will also have tools in place to evaluate employee performance, making changes where necessary to ensure your business functions at optimum levels.

Describe situations in which team members might support each other Team members can be supportive of one another by understanding each other's roles and help each other out when necessary. As part of my admit role I am expansible for the payroll and call monitoring of care workers. I had to train new admit staff who start with the organization in different areas, and I have always been there to support them and advise if any over the phone or personally or via emails. Describe ways of providing support to other people in a team Be available to help this is very important, ongoing training to help them become more effective, also by learning new skills as the nature of their work and of your organization Expect and encourage teamwork be committed to team success and help grow the commitment of others create a team vision and help personalize it, Ochs on relationships and encourage others to do that same If everyone is "on the same page", as it were, as to how things should be done - then the product (or service) is consistent, and customers know what to expect.

If there is not agreement within the workplace, then the tension will be palpable, and the product or service will be inconsistent, depending on when and who produced it - which will lead to more customer dissatisfaction, when they don't get what they were expecting.  If you don't communicate you will not know what each person Job role is, we all know he importance of communication in our daily lives without this we will not be able to understand each other .

If the situation changes (like suddenly someone can't hit the deadline or someone needs help) communication is key to ensure the team plan can be adapted accordingly. Different team-mates often have different areas of expertise or sometimes find out something that is of relevance to one of the other team-members. Communicating with each other about what you need to know and what it is that you know about allows you to pool expertise. Identify different methods of communication and when they are used. I constantly use words verbally to pass information to my colleagues to provide information this is either done by telephone or face to face. The person on the receiving end would also need to exercise much caution to ensure that they clearly understand what is being said.

This shows that I need to cultivate both my listening and speaking skills, as I would have to carry out both roles in my workplace Written communication - Written communication is the medium through which the message of a Sender is conveyed with the help of written words, letters, personal urinals, e-mails ,reports, articles and memos are some forms of written communications. Unlike other forms of communication, written messages can be written communication an indispensable part of informal and formal communication.

I can't avoid written communication in my work place its everywhere. Emails, memos, reports and other written documents are all part of my everyday work life. Email is a life saver for me, If I want to say something confidential and not able to speak verbally over the phone, email is a great way to get my point across to the receiver, emails should be brief and to the point. Non -Verbal plays a large role in the way I communicate with others.

Unless you're sign language, however, you probably don't want to rely on it as your sole means of communication. You have to be aware of it in the work place when speaking to employees as this can give out the wrong signals. Your gestures, eye contact and movement and the way you stand and sit all convey a message to the person you are communicating with. Use gestures appropriately, or leave your hands at your side. Don't fidget, which is distracting, and avoid crossing your arms, which sends off appearance of being angry or closed off.

Always look the errors you are speaking to in the eye and don't roll your eyes or stare while they talk The purpose of recognizing the strengths of other So that you can work as a team, knowing each other's abilities, you will be able to decide who is best at doing different things. You know who to go to if there is a problem. Show praise and respect make the person feel good. Watch and learn. Get best out of you and the team. Explain the values of diversity within teams Values of diversity within a team refers to the availability of different kinds of people n one team, increased diversity come new ideas If people are very similar to each other and their way of working then the presentation or result of their task may not be as clear, strong, convincing to others or thoroughly thought out as they could be as many of the ideas, expressions and methods of presentation will be taken as accepted to the group without sufficient exploration of different possibilities.  Explain the purpose of respecting individuals working with a team that their work or way of working is appreciated. Also respect makes people feel allude at work and it can make the team and atmosphere a lot better place to be in. When individuals are respected they work harder within the team to achieves work goals or task more than they felt respect or appreciation wasn't there.

Respecting people and their work is beneficial to you because knowing that their work is respected allows them to want to help you and know that it's appreciated and that its making a difference, it can also help with their confidence and input into team work Respect most of them will respect you back. Describe the types of problems and disagreements that occur when working with there people in a team. Staff not being trained and one staff have to do everything which will have a delay and affect in the workplace. Staff call in sick there is no other staff able to cover.

Someone not keeping you informed on task for example my manager not keeping me informed; she assumes I am a mind reader. Someone not doing task right so you will have to wait for them to finish it again, one of the problems that incurs is you not getting t complete your task on time because of them. Emergency unplanned work if you have tasks deadlines can be moved then make sure they are and concentrate on emergency task. Describe ways of dealing with problems disagreements when working with other people in a team.

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