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Complaint Form

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Complaint Form on your own due to lack of language and/or writing skills, assistance from designated TIT' officers may be sought. 10. TIT' can only commence investigation into the complaint upon receipt of a complete Complaint Form together with all necessary supporting documents. 11. Upon receipt of the Complaint Form, TIT' will send you an Acknowledgement of Complaint indicating: In the case of complete Complaint Forms with sufficient supporting documents - that TIT' is currently investigating the complaint.

In the case of an incomplete Complaint Form or insufficient supporting documents - that further information is required with a request to contact a named TIT' officer. Any other course of action TIT' is taking or any other action required from the consumer. 12. TIT' will send the licensee a Notification of Complaint giving the licensee 14 calendar says to reply with a proposed resolution. A copy will be provided to you. 13. TIT' may grant the licensee an extension of time to reply to the original notification of complaint.

Requests for an extension of time must be made by the licensee in writing within 14 calendar days from the date of the Notification of Complaint. The request must provide reasons for the extension and be for a reasonable amount of time bearing in mind the urgency of resolving consumer complaints. TIT' reserves its right not to grant an extension of time or to grant a shorter extension that requested. 14. If the licensee does not reply to the Notification of Complaint or does not offer a the matter.

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TIT' will issue a directive to the licensee in exercise of its powers under Section 27 of the Telecommunications Order, 2001. The directive will contain instructions for resolution of the complaint. 15. TIT' may take into consideration factors such as consumer rights, public interest, national security and any other factors it thinks relevant in making a decision as to the resolution of the complaint. 16. TIT' will adhere to this process with effect from 1 April 2009.

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