Voodoos – Mobile Provider in South Africa

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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Voodoos is still improving on its network coverage with an investment of R 120 000 000 and a year technological advancement and an additional R 2. Mil for its skills development. In turn Voodoos can retain its existing customers and at the same time attract more customers that require the best network coverage like LET that was developed by Voodoos before its competitors giving it much more competitive advantage. Market development Extending existing products to a new market. Voodoos aims at reaching new customer segments, wants to increase sales by capturing new market area.

Voodoos is currently the giant mobile providers in South Africa at the moment they are a growing mobile industry which is owned by Britain Avoidance, they deciding to attract ore customers outside Brittany and South Africa, would need a market strategy from the marketing research, and the initial investment it needs to invest this also including the politics of different countries in Africa. Product development Developing new products for existing markets or new markets, making some modifications in the existing product to give value to the customers for their purchase.

Voodoos decision to invest in its quality of its network coverage has gave its brand image a boost in the market. Voodoos was the first mobile network in south Africa to cover G,G, and its latest G network which is LET from its competitors proving that its customers will get value for their money. It continues investment in its multimillion rand technological development keeps it ahead of its competitors. Diversification The purpose of diversification is to allow the company to enter new lines of business that are different from current operations. There are four types of diversification: vertical, horizontal, concentric and conglomerate.

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