Burger King & Television advertisements for its products

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A good promotion can help in increasing the sales and bad promotions reduce the market share. The message strategy of Burger King should be to create a buzz among the youth with shrewd marketing tactics. The prime strength of Burger King is to provide a customized burger, however weird it might be. This can be the biggest leverage point as different customers may have different demands with very few or no one to cater to them. They should not go for the main stream promotion such as Television advertisements for its products.

Among the youth the culture of keeping in touch is via webmail. So using this mode would prove more effective considering the fact that youth comprises the bigger consumer chunk. Crispin might not have a very easy and smooth sailing journey while developing this message and in ensuring that consumers understand the message correctly. In order to create buzz Crispin has to develop an image for Burger King which symbolizes the youth. Hence the message should be such that it does not seem to be too commercial and “uncool.

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” They need to succeed in surprising the audience which would create the buzz leading to exposure. Crispin is required to create a message that can ‘gain attention, hold interest, arouse desire and elicit action. ’ BK should use a spokesperson which represents the youth and they can easily identify themselves with MTV personalities or persons from popular Rock Bands can be used as spokesperson for BK as MTV is one of the most watched channels among the youth and they also love to listen to Rock Bands.

BK should spend the money on an Integrated Advertising Campaign. By not directly promoting BK’s product they created a buzz which leads to more promotion than directly promoting the product which is too obvious and does not appeal the target audience. Major focus should be on webmail and the advertising should be capable of creating a buzz. This would lead to the maximum penetration among its target customers which is the youth. Works Cited Page Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, Millennium Edition, Pearson Education Publishers, Delhi, 2000

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