Burger King Incorporation

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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This is the second leading fast-food chain in the United States; it mainly concentrates on the use of restaurants in which the company has franchises more than 10400 restaurants that are all over in about 71 countries worldwide (Glenn, 1995, p C2). This was established the two Miami entrepreneurs back in 1954 and later sold it to the Pillsbury in the year 1967. Today, its head offices are situated in Miami, Florida.

By the year 2008, the company had around 41,000 people as their employees. With the demographic forces, the company has extended its wings to many countries all over the world.

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With this, they have managed to serve over 15. 7 million customers, of which have ended up submitting them to some of the forces (Louise, 1996, pg 14). This is because, different people tend to perceive things differently, and thus, they have been forced to come up with ways in which they can satisfy all the clients in the company. This mainly concerns with the type of materials that they use to come up with their product, and the way they label the product to attract the market at a given locality.

As regards the many franchises within the company, the franchisee began to collide with each other. This led to the deterioration of their relationship which in the long run resulted in the falling sales within the company. This was the major economic force that the company faced in the year 2001 till they were forced to sell the company to a group of investors in late 2002. The company faces competition forces mainly from McDonald's Corporation who is their principal competitor in the market (Brymer, 2000, pg 22).

This company has managed to outdo the Burger King because of their ability to be able to serve around 15 million customers daily, this has also been as the regard to the fact that the company has more restaurant outlet compared to that of the Burger King, while Burger has 10,400 restaurants worldwide, the McDonalds Corporation has 31,000 restaurants worldwide. This has given them the advantage to reach more clients than the Burger King.


Brymer, R. A. & Hashimoto, K. (2000) Hospitality & Tourism: An Introduction to the Industry pp 20-24 United States: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Compan

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