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When thinking about entering a franchise one obviously wants to make the most profit as possible. As business partners we want to make money while being involved in something we are passionate about and that is food. So why not take a look at one of our favorite fast food restaurants that is a cornerstone in the fast food industry. When thinking about making any business decision the individual or individuals must look that themselves and decided if they are doing the right thing.

The first thing we decided to take the pre- qualification questionnaire. The very first question asks how much you worth are in thousands and/or millions. From the beginning you can see that owning and operating a franchise involves big money. As of today being young and full of dreams we both know that we do not want to be particularly involved in the everyday operations of the restaurant. On the questionnaire it states whether or not you want to be involved only financially, in the day-to-day operations, or both. We chose only financially.

The next step we decided to look through were the 4 P’s of franchising which are:

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  • Product
  • Profitability
  • Process
  • People

We all know Burger King has a great product in food choice especially with the famous Whopper! The quality and price of the food selection at the BK are very reasonable and we feel competitive with other fast food restaurants. In taking a closer look at Burger King we also like how they offer a training program. It requires you to attend a two week Franchisee Orientation and log up to 440 hours of in-restaurant training.

During this initial training process, you will learn and experience all aspects of running a BURGER KING restaurant. They also have an operations manual with comprehensive data that increases your chances of being successful in the business. Along with that they have a wonderful support team filled with experts in the franchise business that guide you on how to grow your business and give you advice. These include but are not limited to:

  • Director of Franchise Performance (DFP)
  • Sales, Profit and Operations Coach (SPO)
  • Real Estate Manager (REM) Construction and Design Manager (CM)

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Group. One factor that enhanced our decision in choosing Burger King is that North Carolina is a key growth market for the franchise and they are already looking to expand in the region. Upon completion of the questionnaire they send you an automated email with a number for you to reach their franchising representatives for the franchising interview. After the interview there is the transaction selection, operations interview, transaction approval, and final approval. “Have it your way! ”

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