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It is our passion that enables us to transcend over boundaries and create new approaches and enhance our insights towards growth. It is what captivates and inspires us to do better in the things we do and showcase our individual talent and worth. Given the unique opportunity to create models without the proper framework is truly a good idea to ponder on and look back.

This experience came into me as I was working on one project. It is really a challenge for architects to distinguish the unique and appropriate design of one structure or model without the proper blueprints that can distinguish its difference and at the same time showcase its creativity to the public.

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Despite these setbacks, I am proud that I was able to create one with a clear mind and a purpose that needs to be accomplished. I feel that is has been my exposure in the realities of construction and architecture that I was able to accomplish such feat. My five years of experience in Saudi Arabia enlightened and increased my competency in handling the complex processes involved in both designing and implementing on what needs to be done. It catered to the improvement of skills and helped me become adept in my chosen field.

Similarly, the positions I held were also vital in making me aware of the different challenges present in the practice. I consider myself to be privileged because the company I am working with exposed me into different positions that greatly widened my horizons when it comes to architecture. These responsibilities include: projects management, project manager, quality control, sales, and design and development. With these, I was able to build and create my own unique foundation when it comes to design and practice.

This realizations and exposure helped me develop my own style and benchmark in design. I became passionate in the things that I do as I sought not only to satisfy my patrons, but at the same time exercise my own signature and architectural finishing. This has given me the confidence that I can go over boundaries and address what needs to be made. It catered to a fulfillment unique only for my part as it help me grow as a professional. Looking back, a business man gave me the opportunity to design and build his private ball hall.

Being taught as a rule that blueprints do matter in the course of the building process, I was a bit shocked to hear that there were no plans whatsoever concerning this project. However, this did not hinder me from doing my job and addressing what needs to be done and making my patron satisfied. Operating on this logic, I initiated this difficult procedure by looking back into my former designs and try to integrate them into designing this structure out from scratch and without a blueprint.

With this in mind, I began to plan on what are the appropriate steps and strategies that can be implemented in the process and what style shall I incorporate in this specific output. With this, I began a step-by-step process of trying to integrate vital and important schemes to create my structure. As an architect, I must understand that each of these elements is vital for the building process to be consecutive and precise. Seeing this, it leaves no room for error in my part as I try to unravel the elements piece by piece.

Moreover, I had to be also precise when it comes to the detail I am trying to showcase. Since the project consists of a ball hall, I had to brainstorm on proper pieces that can be included within and outside the area. I needed to ask the questions are these suitable and what color schemes can I use that will blend the structure to both the environment and justify it to the preference of my patron. Likewise, measurement is also an important component that I consider in building this structure. Without the proper data concerning this facet, the project is doomed to fail.

Due to this, I had to be particular with the scale and construction process because it has to adhere to the both the spatial and visual order of architecture. It was a good thing that I was able to create a good output of what I did. Applying this I went to the site everyday and tried to accomplish what were included in my checklist of things to do. It revolved around the areas of design, building, and implementation. All the time, I see to it that every aspect of what I instructed was done accurately and appropriately by the person in charge.

In addition, I sometimes took part in labor to ensure that all things are in place and go according to my plan. In the end, the project was successful as it showcased both relevance and expertise in work and the struggle to make things look as if it were designed using a blueprint. All the hard work and commitment paid its price as the new structure turned out to be good and at the same time satisfied the owner. Though building without prior design is really difficult in nature, with the proper perspective and discipline, one can achieve and adminis

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