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Short Term Preparation Refers to the Period Prior

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) Short Term Preparation Refers to the Period Prior to a Competitive Performance Using the Headings Physiological, Psychological and Technical. Outline the Strategies and Considerations Elite Athletes Take Into Account By Abscissa PEE Essay Question IQ) Short term preparation refers to the period prior to a competitive performance using the headings physiological, psychological and technical. Outline the strategies and considerations elite athletes take into account in their short term preparation for global games. Marks) Prior to an event/performance an athlete will need to do an effective warm-up, this will increase the athletes heart rate, increases the temperature of muscles to an optimum level this will reduce the risk of injury. The four stages of an effective warm up are gross motor activity e. G. Jogging, stretching e. G. PEN, dynamic stretching. Also there is sports specific exercise and skills e. G. Passing drills this is done for the opening of neural pathways and the preparation of firing patterns.

Closer to a major event and elite athlete should taper there training this is done so that the athlete is able to rest their body in order to perform at their optimum level during events, however all training should not be stopped during this period technique and skill training can be done. An athlete should also monitor their sleep pattern to get enough sleep in-between training and their events e. G. The British swim team were on different sleeping patterns during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

A factor the athlete should consider is the new form of Carr- loading however this should only be used if the athlete is participating in a endurance event, if the athlete is a power athlete they may use creative supplements o increase their PC stores as they will be using the TAP-PC system during their event. Another factor the athlete should consider in their diet is hydration, the athlete should take isotonic fluid before and during the event/ training and take hypersonic fluids after the event/training this is so that the athlete is able to replenish ions such as Ca+ and An+ lost thorough sweat.

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The athlete would also need to acclimates to the climate of the venue, if the climate is hot the athlete would need to adapt to these conditions, an example of when an athlete didn't acclimates and it lead to a or performance is Lenox Lewis didn't acclimates properly when he was fighting against Raman which lead to him losing. To reach an optimum level of arousal the athlete should use mental preparation techniques such as watching previous good performances.

Drive theory that was developed by Cajon states that if an athlete's anxiety increases it will lead to their dominant performance to come out. For the athlete to reach their optimum level of arousal they can visit the venue and over aroused or they can listen to music that will psyche them up if they over roused, to get to their optimum level of arousal athletes could also use routine however this will be need to be perfected over a long period of time, An example of this is Joe Callaghan used the same routine before every fight and he remained unbeaten throughout his entire career.

If it's a team in order to be working positively there must be good group cohesion and team spirit to get the entire team going to the same direction. To prepare for the opposition the athlete should watch tapes of the opposition from this an athlete will be able to highlight the opposition strengths ND weaknesses, technology such as Prone can be used to analyses opposition and work out playing patterns and ways to play against them. Also athletes can use Dwarfish to perfect there technique.

For technical preparation the athlete must check that the equipment that they are using is suitable for the playing surface and climate also they should use taping and strapping to prevent injuries. Also recovering aids can be used e. G. The Australian Team used Ice Vests in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney as they climate there was very hot the ice vests would cool the athletes down. Also hypoxia chambers can be used e. G. The England Football team had built in hypoxia tents in there hotel rooms before World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

The athlete should also use holding camps this will help them prepare for the competition as is would get them away from friends, family and media if would allow them to use world class facilities with world class coaching. Also coaches can monitor everything that athletes do within the holding camps, an example of when a holding camp was used was before the World Cup 2010 in South Africa the England squad used Restrung as their holding camp.

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