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A fence should not be built on the U.S. – Mexican Border

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The U.S. should build a wall between itself and Mexico, topped with razor wire. This is about toughening immigration laws and the strict enforcement of laws already widely discussed.

The building is a two thousand-mile-long fence would cost about 680 (m) million dollars, and it would slow border crossings. It is for the idea of candidates running for president to have clear and aggressive plans for dealing with immigration.

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It also gives the idea of doing something that might actually work to stop illegal aliens from flooding into the United States is actually drawing great interest. It won't go away. Illegal immigration is not just impacting the Border States. Illegal aliens are showing up everywhere. Constitutionally it is a Federal responsibility to protect the 50 states from invasion and as a practical matter it is impacting all of us.


“For those people who do not live in the U.S. of America or have not heard about it, U.S.A. government has decided to construct a wall along the border of Mexico to attempt to keep out illegal and MS13 clan members. The MS13 is a dangerous clan that specializes in smuggling drugs and people across borders and has made their way from Columbia to Northern Mexico and intend to get into The U.S. of America.

Also, there have been reports of the AL Qaida attempting to get the MS13 to smuggle THEMSELVES into the U.S. of A. so they can continue their reign of terror. The Mexican government feels that it is unnecessary that there is building a wall and have started comparing President Bush to Hitler because of the Berlin wall.

Personally think that the wall should be built to protect American from the MS13 and to control the amount of illegally migrating to the U.S. of America (“All to Protect the Innocent”.

Immigrant or a refugee rights groups across the country are now moving in the direction of putting immigration in the context of a global economy, globalization, and people on the move escaping poverty, hunger, civil war, and persecution. NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) kicked off that trend.

When it was testified at the NAFTA hearings that Mexican and Aliens complained of why they weren’t including immigration in the context of a financial free trade agreement. Why were they focusing on the free movement of merchandise but not on the free movement of people? Basically it's a labor issue.

California has always been impacted tremendously by immigration, not just by people from Mexico. It’s now estimated even by the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) that there are at least five million immigrants in the U.S. who are undocumented. California usually comes in with at least half of those immigrants, not only because of its juxtaposition to Baja California, but also it's a place where people can blend into cities like L.A. and San Francisco. There's about nine million in these cities and about a third are immigrants and refugees.

It is important that it begins addressing immigration within the context of a global economy. Globalization affects the United States because investments in other countries have impacts such as people leaving that country, the displacement of jobs, jobs moving in and out of a country.

Primarily focuses on human rights and nowhere is human rights more impacted than on the U.S.-Mexico border. These have really been a hateful time for Americans especially with the shooting incident by the military.

Right after that, other military operations were exposed, including here inCalifornia where National Guard troops have been out in camouflage, hiding in the brush on the pretext of looking for drugs and immigrants. In addition, there has been introduced legislation in the House to send 10,000 military troops in to California.

This is in addition to 5,000 Border Patrol agents approved by Congress. That's going to interrupt a lot of movement. It could eventually interfere with free trade because how long will Mexico put up with this confrontation by the military on the border.

Going back to history, the U.S. contracted with Mexicans to come to work here in the '30s and '40s and '50s. Then the xenophobia started, the scapegoat, and you had massive raids and deportations of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. U.S. citizens and legal residents as well as undocumented were all sent to Mexico in the '30s and '40s and '50s.

During '50s, operation wetback, and even though I'm a fifth generation U.S. citizen, right on these streets around here I used to be stopped on the way home from school, or visiting my girlfriend, or going downtown. The police used to smack me up against the wall and call the Border Patrol. They get used to do in at least every other week. They used to take out of jobs, after school jobs, in restaurants, hotels by among Mexicans

A fence should not be built on the U.S. – Mexican Border essay

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