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The concept of dating and matchmaking has evolved since the dawn of the technological age.With the emergence of the Internet and the World Wide Web, people have been trying to adapt their lifestyle according to the concept of the internet.Electronic messaging and online chatting enabled business organizations to establish online dating services for people who for some important reasons are always hooked up to the internet having no time or perhaps, really unable to build up romantic relationships in the real world.

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Online dating services such as eHarmony, match.

com, Yahoo! Personals, American Singles, etc. reinvent the face of dating and matchmaking by allowing online users to become members of their company with the promise of finding the right match for a romantic relationship. The good thing about online dating is that people can choose who they want to get to know better just by looking at personal profiles posted with pictures, personal interests and hobbies, etc. However, meeting someone through the internet takes time and communication is limited within the range of the computer.

Moreover, people can easily pretend to be someone they are not, without anyone knowing. (Dunn) Although competing against these reputable and conventional online dating services is far-fetched because of their worldwide popularity and established client base, other dating alternatives such as dating through the phone are still more convenient and personal. Why should we spend our time sitting in front of the computer waiting for online dating services to pick out people who are compatible with our profiles?

The thing is even if online dating services generate a list of thousands of people who are compatible with our profiles, are we going to spend our time getting to know all these people, when time and effort should be spent on building a stable relationship that will last longer? Dating by phone is the closest alternative to personal dating. People can speak directly to each other without limits. Moreover, personal communication allows people to communicate clearly and talk about everything they are thinking of.

Conversing through phone is also easier and more convenient because people are able to talk through their mobile phones while at the same time go around for other chores or activities that they want to attend. The concept of dating by phone sprang up because it seems like everyone is looking for love. If we watch television, read magazines, or just to talk to other people we know, there will always be a topic or theme about dating, matchmaking, love, relationships, and even marriage. Although there are many other phone-dating services online, such as MegaMates. com, tango personals, Live links, etc.

there are still other additions and improvements that can be done in order to reinvent the existing phone-dating services available at present. The concept of dating by phone shall be established by developing a phone dating service company. It shall start as a small company that will be made available online, by telephone and mobile phone, or by personal membership, not only in a particular country but also internationally. The company shall be called “Let’s Talk About Love,” starting up with a small staff that handles personal membership, phone calls for subscriptions, and sales and advertising.

People who are interested to become a member have the option to visit the company to fill up membership forms and finally for an audio recording over their profile that shall be available for match seekers who subscribe to the company as well. For callers, an 1800 number shall be made available for them. Once they call the company, they shall be asked to prompt in details such as being a first time user, answering of survey questions and audio recording their profile by phone as well.

Online users who visit the website and are interested to join as members are able to fill up forms over the internet and send audio recording of their profile or to call the number of the company if they are unable to do the recording through the computer. The profiles answered through the forms and the surveys shall be kept in a single database in the computer for future reference and for matchmaking purposes. Once the company finds a match, members shall receive a call in order to listen to the audio recording of the matched person on the other line.

If the person wants to get to know the other person on the line, the personal number shall be given so they can start conversing after the first call. Members can also choose to receive a list of compatible people with their profile. They can choose whose audio recorded profile to listen to and whose number to call. If the other person agrees to communicate with them, then they will start up a two-way conversation over the phone. The good thing about this concept is it leans toward the human element of personal communication. Listening to the other person speak allows people to understand and get to know what kind the other person is.

In contrast, reading profiles over online dating services is impersonal and ambiguous. “Let’s Talk About Love” is different from all other phone-dating services available online for people who are looking to establish romantic relationships. The usual phone dating services are only existent online and profiles are seen only through the internet, numbers to call are made available directly to them. “Let’s Talk About Love” aims to make phone dating services more personal by allowing members to do audio recording messages of their profiles, and communication is simply done by calling. This medium becomes more personal.

Moreover, the company wishes to incorporate new mobile phone technologies available nowadays. The company operates for both telephones and mobile phones. To make it more personal the company plans to team up with mobile phone providers and service network providers such as AT&T, Nokia, Samsung, T-Mobile, Cingular, etc. to make “Let’s Talk About Love” services more personal and closer to face-to-face interaction. The company plans to offer personalized telephone units and mobile phones from these companies directly to members for advertising purposes and to get large companies to invest in the business.

Selling phones and mobile phones from mobile phone companies allows users to purchase a phone, which is directly connected, to “Let’s Talk About Love. ” For instance, just pressing the numbers 1-4-3 directly connects the caller to the voice mailbox for new messages from the company and their phone-dates. The 3G technology is also popular nowadays. Selling mobile phones with 3G technology and telephones with screens for live phone chats allows callers to see whom they are speaking to. (“3G Phones”) This is a great way to improve the usual phone dating service available for people.

Aside from talking to their phone-dates, members may also get to see them. All they have to do is to purchase 3G phones manufactured by popular mobile phone companies that are tied up with “Let’s Talk About Love” in order to get full services from the company. Perhaps, partnership with mobile phone companies will allow them to produce a “Let’s Talk About Love” mobile phone edition, maybe packed with “Let’s Talk About Love” logos, wallpapers and ring tones with love themes, or mobile phones with red or pink casings, etc. This is a good form of advertising both for mobile phone companies and “Let’s Talk About Love.

” Partnership with service network providers such as T-Mobile or Cingular will follow the same concept. For online advertising, teaming up with search engines such as Google or Yahoo! , like what T-mobile have done (Boswell). Once an online website is established over the Internet, teaming up with search engines allows the company to be visible for online users. Once online users search for tags such as love, dating, relationships, marriage, etc. the search engine will generate “Let’s Talk About Love” website as one of the top results.

Of course, banner advertisements and pop-ups is also a good way to advertise over the internet. Works Cited “3G Phones. ” 2008. Retrieved from three-g. net. 27 Apr. 2008 <http://www. three- g. net/3g_technology. html>. Boswell, Wendy. “T-Mobile and Google Team Up. ” 30 Jul. 2005. Retrieved from About, Inc. 27 Apr. 2008 <http://websearch. about. com/b/2005/06/30/t-mobile-and-google-team-up. htm>. Dunn, Susan. “The Pros and Cons of Dating Online. ” 2007. Retrieved from SelfGrowth. com. 27 Apr. 2008 <http://www. selfgrowth. com/articles/Dunn158. html>.

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