Branding Activities of IPhone

Last Updated: 28 May 2020
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Living the fast lane generates dynamic changes concerning consumer demands in which firms and organizations must adopt to the abrupt changes brought to us by the rising trend in the industry were going global. Globalization extending Apple’s IPhone geographical scope conquering global umbrella, reaching out to the international market, altering the national boundaries and attaining a larger scale of consumer patronage, how can IPhone rise above the clutter of e-business giants when everything’s gone too competitive enough to battle with? The Brand Apple IPhone identifies what, who, why and how a product works.

How it differs and to whom it differs itself, a tag indicating the totality of the brand identity. It plays a critical role on IPhone’s international marketing strategy, where branding is a key element on the overall success on the construction of a globally competitive brand identity. Strong brands help establish the firm’s character and identity in the marker place and develop a solid customer franchise (Aaker, 1996;Kaperer,1997; Keller ,1998). On the current economic scenario the concept of building strong brands in order rot establish a market position is inevitable and recent.

Moreover, Apple have typically expanded the geographical scope of operations on a piecemeal basis by acquiring companies in other countries or entering into alliances across national boundaries (Douglas Craig, 2002). A strong brand name can also provide the basis for brand extensions which further strengthen Apple’s status in the market place as well as potentially enhancing the brands value (Aaker and Keller 1990) As Apple move into international markets, a judicious branding strategy provides a means to enhance the firms visibility and integrate strategy across national markets.

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The study suggests that Apple’s IPhone global brand construction can be categorized based on three key dimensions. The level of the brand within the Apple’s geographic scope (i. e. the number of countries in which the brand is marketed) and the product scope (i. e. number of product on which the brand was used). These three dimensions provide the basis for defining their role in the firms defining their role in the Apple’s international marketing strategy. An international brand like Apple IPhone provides the structure and rationale for branding decisions at different levels of organization.

In this case construction of brands provides certain principle that guides the effective use of brands so as to develop a strong positional edge. The Apple’s international market expansion strategy also impacts patterns of brand architecture and how they evolve (Douglas and Craig, 1996). Apple have expanded by leveraging domestic corporate or product level brands are likely to have fewer brands and a more coherent architecture than firms that have expanded by acquiring other firms and hence have to absorb these brands into their structure, resulting in a multiplicity of brands at any given level.

Equally, Apple have expanded through strategic alliances may have more complex, dual structures. Strong international brands often have high visibility and are prime candidates for brand extensions, especially for entry into new and emerging markets such as Eastern Europe or China. The business aspect of global branding discussed above had overwhelmed the electronics industry and had missed the point of creating an international brand- the merging of cultures across countries and industries to fulfill one goal: the expression of individuality and modernity of the people.

This is precisely the core issue on why there exists a global branding. More than business the global electronics industry is geared towards the satisfaction of people who wanted to make an impression and as an expression tool. Consumption would be the most crucial factor in the persistence of international brands. This necessity would in the long run define both the continuity and the discontinuity of a global fashion trend.

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