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Android and iPhone

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Over the past decade, electronic companies such as Samsung and Apple has collaborated with mobile phone carriers, and researched the average consumer that could find many ways to improve the mobile phone. The outcome to this research has born the smartphone. Previously, these smartphones has provided instant access to communication entertainment, internet access, news, calendar, social media, and etc.

These smartphones has effect a radical change in the path of modern technology. In 2007, Apple began to be the biggest smartphone to be released. To be the most popular smartphone many companies attempt to imitate the unbeatable features. Although, when technology is involved Google has been coping to keep up with the Iphone to advance the Android software. Partly, Google's android software has become the dominant smartphone that's not manufactured by Apple. For this reason, Android phones are just great as an IPhones.

The similarities and differences of between Apple's phones and Android phones. The similarity between the Iphone and Androids phones is the shape of the phone. For example, most of the models has a similar shape like the Iphone by its rectangular and rounded corners shape.

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Nowadays, you might have seen many of theses Android phones such as, Samsungs and HTC Evo that has the exact shape. Iphone and Android phones has been noticed for their touch screens. Even though there was many disputes about who had the original design structure but the companies continue to manufacture the use of the basic structure for their smartphone.

Also, Android and Iphone has authorize an 3G, 4G, and Wifi connection. Most of the modern smartphones has similar downloadable applications and app store. For example, they both have similar notification center, allowing users to view their log of missed calls, text messages, and other notification from the apps.

Furthermore, Android and Iphones aren't able to last a day without it being charged but when Apple had invented Iphone 5, they made it convenient for the phone to function up to 3 days without charging it even if you have many apps installed, despite of other phones which can only last for 8 hours.

Regards to the two smartphones has shown a way to navigate and search for places to locate your destination. Whoever, you choose either of them will give you the best quality of GPS and navigators.

However, both of the smartphones has different type of ways of how it's functioned. The Iphones provide more apps than android phones. Iphones has outreach Android by thousands of apps, more updated, and faster when talking about the speed usage of the apps. For example, the apps on the IPhone has greater quality than the Android.

Moreover, IPhone apps doesn't crash as often as an Android. For example, since I been using the IPhone 6S Plus, their have been no crash that I know. Although, when I had the LG 10 before I started having issues with my apps having crashes so, I felt it was normal thing.

Although, Androids given users to download whatever apps from any source. Also, Androids apps storage is less precise to software developer. Their software display are way to different. For example, the Androids are known for giving their user a way to customize the theme of the phone keyboard meanwhile IPhone are known for the simple display and easy to use. Android phones have more carrier than Iphones so, it makes them easier to find and it has many phones to choose from.

Moreover, Androids has larger screens than Iphone. For example, the Galaxy note has a 5.3" screen although the Iphone has 3.5" screen. Even though some android phones have bigger screen it could be sometime difficult to use because of how big the screen is fabricated. IPhone are easy to be hold in one hand, in any size you choose.

The App Store are more organized than the Play Store. Over the years, Play Store has surely improved by making it easy to navigate but Apple's App Store has made it more favorable. The Apple Store is more straightforward by categories and popular on charts, even the Play Store. However, people will have their personal opinion of how they feel difference between the App Store and the Play Store.

iPhones has more paid apps than the Android, but they also have shorter ads. The Apple's apps are free and paid than a Android. Although, Apple's users will be considering to spend money on apps than Google's users. This shows that the apps for IPhone are less filled with ads. For example, the new iPhone XS Max has adjusted to pay some money for a few of the apps for free than on an Android.

In conclusion, the IPhone and Android seem to be similar but has many different ways seen between the two smartphone. Both smartphones has lure different crowd of people based on what they believe should be on a smartphone, either they choose an IPhone simple display and high quality apps or Android customize and many variety of apps.

The smartphone has developed for many years, which will continue to buy smartphone that people prefer. This will lead to new features, screens, more capacity, and more evolution of the smartphone. Eventually, the development of the smartphone will bring more advancement to modern technology.

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