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Evaluation of the iPhone 5S

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In the first 24 hours of the launch on September 20, 2013, Apple Inc. sold 2,750,000 iPhone 5s'. The Apple iPhone is the top sold smartphone and is continuing to control the market. The iPhone 5s is a very respected and prominent product, it is used by millions of people for many tasks like work and school. There are few things that stand out to me that I have chosen for the iPhone 5s to evaluate it in: Design, Technology, Software, and the App Store. I believe that the iPhone 5s proves itself in all of these categories, and many people would agree with me, as well as disagree.

The design plays a huge role in cell phones, it has to grasp the buyers attention and make them want the product just by looking at it or by watching someone use it. The iPhone 5s does this really well, Apple engineers and designers managed to compress the technologies they made inside a space that’s a mere 7.6 millimeters thin and 112 grams light. This redesign resulted in an incredibly thin, impressively light, extraordinarily powerful smartphone. The engineering challenge was significant, but they succeeded in adding more to it without making iPhone 5s bigger or heavier.

The iPhone began with something perfectly simple, your finger. And now Apple took touch to the next possible place with Touch ID, the fingerprint identity sensor. Your fingerprint is the perfect password, you always have it with you and no one can ever guess what it is. But beyond that, it just made sense that your phone should recognize you. It should learn you, not require you to memorize and enter passwords in order to use it. Apple also put the sensor in the best place possible, where you most commonly rest your thumb, on the Home button. It is amazing how Apple increased the speed of the iPhone 5s without decreasing the battery life, in fact, they increased the battery life.

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This is all true because Apple engineered a new processing chip. The A7 chip is designed around 64-bit architecture, which is a first for any smartphone. The move to 64-bit chip made it possible for desktop-class processing power in the palm of people’s hands. The A7 chip gives iPhone 5s the power it needs for all the capabilities it now has. It’s up to 2x faster than the previous generation in both CPU and graphics performance, it has an all-new image signal processor, and it supports OpenGL ES 3.0, which enables visual effects previously possible only on computers and gaming consoles.

Even with all these performance enhancements, A7 is still energy efficient.The new M7 coprocessor is designed to make iPhone 5s even more efficient. It offloads work from the A7 chip by collecting motion data, then Apps can use this data without constantly using the A7 chip. Because M7 is engineered for this specific task, it uses significantly less power than A7 would require, so battery life is spared.

Another big role in cell phones is its features, the more there are, the more appealing it is. Apple is an outstanding contender in this specific criterion because they make their own advanced technology, which adds many cool feature. The iPhone 5s is precision crafted down to the micron. It has a beautiful aluminum housing, very sleek metal and glass, sapphire crystal in the Home button and more sapphire crystal protecting the iSight camera. Design and construction of this level is unmatched so the iPhone 5s looks and feels unbelievably thin and light. It is also available in three elegant colors: gold, silver, and space gray.

The most prominent feature of them all is the Touch ID allowing you to use your fingerprint for your password. The iPhone 5s features advanced technologies custom designed for the iSight camera’s hardware and software. Some of these features include: larger pixels, larger sensor, continuous burst mode, true tone flash, auto image stabilization, slow motion video, live video zoom, square photos, panorama photos, and photo filters. Another cool feature is FaceTime, which allows you to video chat with anyone with an Apple product anywhere in the world.

The iPhone 5s' LTE is ultrafast allowing it to download and upload data at unimaginable speeds, the iPhone 5s has the fastest LTE speed for any smartphone. The App Store is a fabulous feature, it is easy and fun to use. When downloading an app, all you have to do is scan your finger on the home button and voila, it starts downloading. iCloud is a great feature because it allows you to have everything you need, anywhere you need it. iCloud allows you to have the same data between different Apple devices, which comes in handy for school if you forget something on your iPad so you can bring it up on your iPhone.

Software is very important for any smartphone, and with the iPhone 5s, comes iOS 7. iOS 7 is made by Apple Inc.'s workers. They made it simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable while making it instantly familiar. Apple made iOS 7 very simple and beautiful, they offer the right things, in the right place, at the right time. It seems as if it "just works" all the time, when you pick it up you already know how to use it, that's simplicity. It makes sense why they put certain features in, they put it in when it's truly useful, like the notification center or the control center.

It becomes more to you than just a device, iOS 7 invites that kind of connection. Interactions are dynamic, and animations are cinematic. The experience is lively and spirited in so many different ways you wouldn't have expected. Open the Weather app, for example, and you’ll instantly understand. Hail bounces off text, and fog passes in front of it. Storm clouds come into view with a flash of lightning. Suddenly, checking the weather is like looking out a window. iOs 7 also adds a sense of dimension with several layers on the screen tilting according to how you hold it.

Apps are a very important part of Apple. It makes for a great experience and fun to use with it's built in apps made by Apple. The built in apps consist of Camera, Photos, Music, Safari, Maps, Siri, Phone, FaceTime, etc. There are a total of 39 built in apps that are great from music to school. The App Store has the best selection of mobile apps, from Apple and third-party developers and they’re all designed specifically for iPhone. The more apps you download, the more you’ll realize your iPhone can do just about anything you can imagine. You can easily find apps that are relevant to your current location and browse categories of apps based on your child’s age and let the App Store update all your apps for you.

Purchasing apps is now as easy as placing your finger on your iPhone. Say there’s an app you’re ready to download, with Touch ID, you simply touch the fingerprint identity sensor on the Home button, and in an instant, the App Store recognizes you and approves your transaction. So you don't need to type your Apple ID or remember your password anymore, which is amazingly easy. Shopping in the App Store is a great experience too because it’s easy to find the apps you want, and to discover new apps you didn’t even know you wanted. Browse freely by category, or shop collections of apps and games handpicked by experts. Apple reviews everything on the App Store to guard against malware, so you’re buying and downloading from a trusted source.

Overall, the iPhone 5s has a great design, it has many amazing, new features, it's new software is simple and "just works" and it has plenty of apps made just for the iPhone and its technological abilities. The iPhone 5s, in my opinion, not only meets, but exceeds the criteria for a good smartphone. It is the fastest, most luxurious, easiest to use, and most technologically advanced phone on the market today.

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