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Best solution for a suburb having frequent cases of violence, theft and burglary

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Assume that you are living in suburb which has frequent cases of violence, theft and burglary. What do you think is the best solution in long run and short run? Do you prefer to support CPTED and/or reactive approaches which involves police, court and other activities? Answer: In my view, for a suburb having frequent cases of violence, theft and burglary the best solution in long run or short run can come through CPTED (Crime prevention through environmental design) alone as it focuses on behavioural psychology and relationships between people and the environment.

In case a crime has already occurred a reactive investigation involving police, courts and correctional facilities has to necessarily follow but true prevention cannot succeed without involving people. It is an accepted fact that physical deterrent is the best method for prevention of crimes. To this end in case of a suburb of the kind assumed we have to begin by involving people and by consensus limit the points for entry and exit; and at the same time block the other points so that no entry or exit is possible save the points agreed to by the residents.

Next step would be arranging round the clock vigil of these points of entry and exit to ensure that every visitor is recorded with his identification. Residents can share the costs or they can volunteer by rotation to perform the duties depending on the economic state of the suburb. Residents may also be encouraged and educated to install burglar alarms, particularly for the households which are left locked or where children or the aged or the sick stay alone for long hours.

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To ensure monitoring and continuity of preventive vigilance by the residents formal and informal meetings of larger and smaller groups will need to be held with brain storming on the security perceptions and maintaining crimelessness of the suburb. Such measures supported by the ideology behind CPTED would go a long way in prevention of crimes in the suburb in question.

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