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A burglary

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As I found him suspicious,l continued to monitor his movements. Seeing the man crouching close to the bushes and casting furtive glances every few seconds as he made his way to the black door. ' continued to watch him until he climbed over the fence and realized that he was a burglary. Racking my brains as fast as I could and I decided to call the police and my neighbor,whose name was Peter. After calling them,l told them what I witnessed in a muffled frenzy. After a short while,the police were arrived at Pewter's house. The sirens of the police car reverberated through the air. Ran down towards them and told them the burglary was inside. Just then,he was fleeing from the house. L shouted,"let is him! "the policemen hurriedly ran to catch him. The burglary ran helter-shelter as he headed to the nearest exit This proved to be a costly mistake for him as the police officers gave chase like a group of Olympic athletes. Len no time,they had caught up with him and immediately cornered him to one side. After seeing he was caught,I ran into the house to check. When I entered,my eyes dinned and my jaw dropped at the sight of the house.

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A burglary

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As Pewter's belongings were strewn away,the drawer and cupboard were opened and cleared of all the valuables. The robber had ransacked and rummaged his home. After he was back,l helped him to clean up all the messy and he appreciated to me for my help. Len addition,he told the security to improve the security system and he wanted to be sure that such an unfortunate accident would never happen again. In the end,when came back home and told my parents about how had handled the situation,they were full of praise for me.

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