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Working in this company for some years now, I have noticed the large amount of paper, cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and cardboards being thrown away by our employees. As an environmental engineer concerned for the world we live in, it is alarming how these heaps of trash will burden Mother Earth when they are by all means recyclable.

In connection, I want to propose for a recycling program to be implemented in our company. After some inquiries with the Facilities Department, I have learned from their manager, that ten years ago, our company has a recycling program but that it ended when the recycling coordinator left the company.

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I have also consulted Mr. Brown on the possibility of starting up another recycling program and he told me that even though he had no time to look at it, there is no problem in starting up another. Recycling is not very hard to do; it only involves some simple steps to follow as well as discipline of all the employees. Honolulu’s Department of Environmental Services (Honolulu ENV) devised six simple steps to follow in setting up a recycling program for any business: 1. Select a recycling coordinator;

2. Conduct a waste audit; 3. Determine which materials to collect for recycling; 4. Select your collection contractor; 5. Design your collection contraction; and 6. Promote employee/tenant participation. There is no significant financial cost in the recycling program, only additional waste bins for waste segregation. Instead of paying for regular waste management companies, it is cheaper to contract recycling companies who will gladly pick up our garbage ready for recycling.

Not only that, it is also a wise business move since nowadays, people are more conscious of environmental problems and look for companies who are advocates of protecting the environment. Once they know of our recycling program, they will see that we provide environmentally-friendly engineering and will choose our company when it comes to engineering services.

Please consider the matter. Thank you. Works Cited Honolulu ENV (Department of Environmental Services). (n. d. ). ENV Honolulu. Retrieved May 31, 2009, from http://www. envhonolulu. org: http://envhonolulu. org/solid_waste/How_to_Set_up_a_recycling_program. html

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