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There’s a leading thread tying together the long years or Bassetti’s activity, it’s the innovation challenge, a knowing plot of imagination and research that has woven, in time, an amazing story, made of constant evolutions and extraordinary creativity. It all started in Milan, in 1830. At 2 St. Stefano Square, a small textile emporium opens for business, managed by Carlo Barboncini, cousin of the Bassetti family. 10 years later, a hand waving manufacturing plant is opened in Rescaldina.

It’s 1864 when Giovanni Bassetti, only 13 years old, buys the company for a little more than one hundred thousand liras. It’s a day that will change the history of the textile world. Giovanni Bassetti’s society has in fact a set destiny: to become the most modern plant in Europe for the most ancient art in the world. From the ‘30s Bassetti starts to organize a capillary network of warehouses and stores that allow the company to expand on the entire national territory. They start talking about marketing and, in common knowledge, the Bassetti brand becomes synonym of technology and high quality.

In the mid ‘50s Bassetti undertakes yet another choice in the name of innovation, putting into practice a planned advertising strategy . They concentrate on the Bassetti brand, sustained and divulged through high investments. This is how Bassetti is confirmed as a true business, with a well defined company policy aimed towards innovation: it “invents” a new house linen, ready made and packaged, ideal for women who are busy working outside the house, but not willing, for this, to give up the pleasure of being surrounded by good taste and high quality.

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In the ‘60s it begins to expand to European markets, conquering them in no time thanks to its unique creativity. Bassetti is one of the first companies capable of standing on the “woman’s side”, as a famous advertising claim says, creating products that are not just good looking, but also able to simplify housework and turn the home into a pleasant and personal nest, ideal for a free and dynamic life. In the late ‘80s Bassetti finds a new challenge. It starts a franchise project, with one-branded stores called “C’e Bassetti”: it’s the new way of marketing house linen.

At the present time Bassetti is the most famous house linen and textile company, it has a network of shops across the whole national territory, it distributes its collections in Europe and exports in the whole world, promoting the value of the most qualified “made in Italy”, synonym of elegance and quality. Since 2001, Bassetti has merged with the Zucchi group. Always ready for challenges, Bassetti looks to the future, with ever increasing attention to distribution, the meeting point between producer and consumer.

This is proved by the development of the franchising stores network that has reached the considerable number of 130 on the whole national territory and the policy of new store openings in Switzerland, Spain and Greece. AMBITION Dress the home with creativity It is our ambition, because we have always loved to play with imagination and creativity, and we like to think that in every home in Italy, our products express the taste and style of the people living there.

Imagination is the ability to create and design products that cam make life “softer”; creativity, it’s our secret that makes then so loved. And those who love us find here their own creativity, discovering the simplicity of making. The Group today Bassetti is one of  Zucchi Group’s most prestigious brands. The Group is comprised of series of production, creative and distribution facilities operating mainly in the home textile sector, dealing in finished product, semifinished textiles and ennobling services for third parties.

The Zucchi Group also has a series of commercial subsidiaries operating in specific market niches and distributing abroad the four market leader brands in Italy and France (Bassetti, Zucchi, Descamps and Jalla). A few prestigious Licenses complete the product range. [pic][pic]Bassetti Collections Playing with imagination, fantasy and colors, we create our collections to dress your home with ever new emotions!

Live submerged in the wonderful landscapes, smells and sound of our La Natura, fill your hours of charm with the sensual and intriguing ideas of Granfoulard. Let the cheerfulness and vitality of Brio catch on to you, then surround yourself with the colors of In Tinta with your character and your life style! Discover the world of Bassetti Collections, where creativity and quality are woven together with experience and tradition, and choose the emotion in which to wrap yourself… Bassetti lets the sunshine in -- or shuts it out.

The company manufactures a variety of natural and synthetic fiber textiles used in home-furnishing products such as curtains and drapes, towels, and linens. Bassetti also markets its own home textile products, which it sells through retail outlets, including its own chain of C'e Bassetti stores. Brands for its products include Brio, La Natura, and Intina. Although the company sells its products throughout Italy, the company derives a substantial amount of its revenue from exports. Bassetti is a subsidiary of Italian textile group Vincenzo Zucchi . [pic]

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