An Argument In Favor of Banning Bottled Water

Last Updated: 06 Jul 2020
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It has been a constant debate as to whether bottled water should or should not be banned. However, I believed that bottle water should not be banned. That is because, there are many benefits of having bottled water around. Bottled water is very convenient, acts as an aide to the recycling process at Humber College and it is considered to be more cleanly than water fountains.

To begin, as stated above, bottled water can be considered as a great convenience. Bottled water typically comes in various sizes and shapes. All in which are fully portable thus making them one hundred percent versatile. Furthermore, many students have a very rushed and complex lifestyle.

Being able to conveniently pick up a bottle of water to take to school ensures that students will have water at their reach at all times allows for hydration throughout the day without any complications. Although most schools have water fountains that can be found throughout the school, they are not always convenient.

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For instance, if a student is writing a test and suddenly becomes thirsty, they would have to ask to be excused from the test to get a drink of water. This causes complications as it cuts in to the time they have to write the test and the water fountain may not be located close to the student. Because water bottles are convenient to the average student, they should definitely not be banned.

In addition, bottled water does not harm the environment but does act as an asset to the recycling process throughout Humber College. Humber College has multiple bins located around the school in which are separated into three divisions. The three divisions include, paper, garbage and recycling. By having this style of bin, students are more encouraged to recycle their water bottles as opposed to throwing them out. By encouraging recycling, it helps reduce global environmental damage thus making the earth a better place to live which is why it would an unscholarly decision for Humber College to ban water bottles (Schenker, 2012).

Lastly, bottled water should not be banned throughout Humber College because, it is known to be more of a clean alternative of drinking water than the school provided water fountains. Many individuals consider water fountains to be clean due to the fact that there is a new flow of water with each press of a button. However, what many be surprised by is that public water fountains in schools can be one of the most bacteria infested source of drinking water.

A study conducted at St. Thomas University located in New Brunswick, Canada found that throughout eight of their drinking fountains, there were high levels of lead detected in the fountains (Aquasana, 2015). This causes a huge health risk to those who use the drinking fountains because, long term exposure to small amounts of lead can harm the nervous system. Banning water bottles across Humber College would mean that students would have to drink out of the public drinking fountains located around the school which may pose as a health risk.

To conclude, although many may argue that bottled water poses a risk to the environment and an individual’s health, there are more benefits that outweigh these risks. Bottled water is a great convenience for induvial who do not always have access to taps or other sources of drinking water, it does not harm the environment and lastly, is a more cleanly than public drinking fountains located around the school. Given the following reasons, bottled water should not be banned throughout Humber College.


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