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The young men of Easy Company were ordinary citizens turned soldiers. Some of them worked in agricultural farms or coalmines. Others lived in the mountain and few were sons of the Deep South. Some came from very poor families while others were raised from the middle class (Gerjevic 2006). These were just few of the brave men who composed the Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U. S. Army. In 1942, the Easy Company was created and underwent basic training in Camp Toccoa, Georgia.

The training included climbing the Currahee Mountain. They were the young volunteers seeking for thrill, honor, source of income and dreamed of attaining higher level than a draftee. The training was rigid and required great physical effort. After nine months of hard training, they prepared the invasion of Hitler’s fortress (Ambrose, Simon and Schuster 2006). At about 1 a. m. June 6, 1944, came D-Day, they silently smoked, talked in whispers and uttered short prayers as they board the C-47s. Each man was in full battle gear.

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They were ready to fulfill their delicate mission (Gerjevic 2006). The Band of Brothers successfully did their assigned role in the D-Day invasion where they parachuted into Normandy, overpowered a German defense line on Utah Beach, head the force that entered into Carentan, led the fighting in Holland, captured an area in Bastogne, bravely led the counteroffensive in the Battle of the Bulge and finally overran Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest at Berchtesgaden (Webster 2006). The Easy Company suffered physical as well as mental casualties.

Overall, the Band of Brothers successfully made it and they were proclaimed American heroes. The war was a story on how draftee citizen soldiers conquered well-trained German opponent such as the Wehrmach and S. S (Ambrose, Simon and Schuster 2006). The Band of Brothers, Easy Company was born in 1942. Their contribution in the success of America in their three years in the war cannot be underestimated. Their courage, endurance and dedication towards the interest of the nation have earned them a place in America’s great history.

The Band of Brothers is worthy to be considered as one of the greatest military unit that the United States of America ever had. Work Cited Gerjevic, Sandi, “Band of Brothers”, accessed December 5, 2006, http://www. sandigerjevic. com/brothers. html Ambrose, Stephen, Simon & Schuster, “Band of Brothers”, accessed on December 5, 2006, http://www. bookreporter. com/reviews/0671867369. asp Webster, David Kenyon, “accessed December 5, 2006, http://www. davidkenyonwebster. com/

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