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Is It Easy to Be Young

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Is it easy to be young? It’s set in humans nature that he is always dissatisfied with things that he has. Every age has its own difficulties and for me this is a hard question to answer since I have only been young. I haven’t experienced the difficulties that older people have but from what I have experienced until now I think that being young has its positive and negative sides. One of the young persons problems is to find his place in the world where there is an order which he has to obey.

Lots of young people have problems with finding themselves because they think that they know best and they don’t want to live by the rules that they haven’t tested. Youth is time to try new things and experiment to create new experience. Sometimes a bad company can make a unhealthy influence and encourage to try out things that looks good and fun but actually they are bad. As a result these experiments leaves a bad effect to the rest of the persons life. At the same time being young is easy because it’s easier to adapt to new things.

Young people doesn’t have self-rebukes about unfulfilled life and unused opportunities – whole life is ahead of them. Youth is time to improve, set goals, hope and try. And all of the hope and dreams gives so much strenght to work! I think that being young is both easy and difficult. Youth gives so much opportunities that any other age will never give. Young people just have to learn how to balance them with the „side effects” and then I could already say that being young is easy.

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