Bad News or Refusal Letter

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Oven last April 3, 2007. At BD Small appliances, we value customer satisfaction over anything else. We also take pride in providing quality assurance certified appliances to all out clients and do our best to offer the best after sales service in the market today through our optional extended warranty offer. Under the extended warranty offer, any appliance bought from our store carries an extended 2-year warranty on parts for factory defective appliances as well as free repair and service covering the first year of purchase.

The extended warranty also comes with an option to replace the defective unit upon the request of the client. No questions asked. Unfortunately, your purchase is only covered by the regular warranty of the toaster that is good for only one year and covers only factory defects. The problem with your toaster stems from client misuse. Our company technician found a substance similar to melted butter and an unidentifiable sticky substance covering the heating coils. This is what caused the toaster to break down.

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I also regret to inform you that because the defect of the toaster is does not stem from the factory production, the only option we can offer you is a repair of the item. The cost of the repair will be $47. 00, while a new toaster will cost $50. 00. As I explained above, the toaster is not covered by the extended warranty that would have allowed us to replace the toaster free of charge instead of repairing it. This is why we cannot accommodate your request for a brand new Moulinex Soft Crunch Toaster. I also regret to inform you that our return and refund policy only covers items purchased within 7 days.

Refunds are also only done in the event of a factory defect. We would therefore like you to consider the 2 other options available to you, that is you may pay for the repair of the item or purchase a new one. Feel free to contact me at my direct number indicated at the end of this letter once you have made your decision or if you need further clarifications regarding this letter. I will be happy to confer with you at your convenience. Our company wishes we could do more for you to make up for the lost appliance so please accept the discount coupon worth $5.

00 attached to this letter to help towards the purchase or repair of the your item. This has been a very difficult decision for our company to arrive at. I would have liked to bend company policy for you and give you a new toaster if it were possible for me to do so. I hope that this incident will not become a deterrent that will stop you from making future purchases at BD Small Appliances. Sincerely, Nicole Bridgford Customer Service Representative Contact Number: 551-429876 (Office Hours Only)

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