Tv News vs. Internet News

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Last Updated: 23 Mar 2023
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It is hard to believe that just a few years ago, watching TV or reading newspapers were the only ways of gathering news. Nowadays as thanks to the Internet there is one more option, the question whether it is best to rely on television news, or to follow online news emerged. When set beside, those two ways of gathering news seem to be enormously different. The biggest difference between online news and television news is the access to information. While watching news on TV, we are dependent on broadcast schedule of any TV station.

By contrast, there is no schedule involved in following online news. The access to information is constant and it is the user’s choice when to follow the news. Secondly, compared to television news, the amount of online information seems to be much more greater. While on TV only the most important pieces of everyday news are broadcast, the Internet offers basically unlimited amount of information concerning every branch of science and all fields of life.

Nevertheless, the quality of television news still remains much more higher, as online articles are often anonymous or unverified. Last but not least, unlike television news, following online news gives the reader the possibility of commenting on any given article. While watching television news, the receiver only gathers the news, whereas the online news follower may participate in live “debate” and express his view on every piece of news presented.

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To sum up, there are many differences between television news and online news, such as the access to information, the quality of news, or the receiver’s participation. While online news seems to be more available and gives the receiver the chance to comment, the television news still remains more reliable. It is up to the receiver to choose what is more important to him.

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