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Analyzing Diversity in the Workplace

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This paper is about designing a model to analyze the dimensions of diversity and implement a training program to implement the results. It is important to break the personality down into three dimensions. Doing this will increase productivity of a company because the employees will work easily together and have less tension. Happy employees increase productivity.

The cultural make up of an organization can make or break an organization if it is not understood by its managers and leaders. It is extremely important for a supervisor to analyze the diversity of its organizational members and see how the cultural differences effects the organization. It is important for the leaders of an organization to design a model to analyze the diversity of their the organization so they can develop a cultural diversity training program.

In order to understand diversity in culture, you first must break down the culture and person you are trying to understand. We would need to design a model that would break down the dimensions of diversity. It is important to understand the personality of the person. The personality can be broken down into three layers of dimensions; Internal Dimensions, External Dimensions, and Organization Dimensions (knicki) It is important to understand each dimension because if you understand the personality of a person, you will begin to understand how they combine to make a culture.

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Internal dimensions consist of six different categories which are age, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity, and race. (Knicki) These are things that we cannot control. External dimensions include geographic location, income, personal habits, marital status, parental status, personal status, recreational habits, religions, educational background, work experience and appearance. These, for the most part, are things that we can control. (knicki)

Organizational dimensions include functional/classification, work content/field, management status, division department/unit/group, seniority, work location, and union affiliation. These are also mostly our control. (knicki)

The above dimensions of personality need to be researched for each employee of an organization. This can come in the form of a survey or questionnaire to each employee. This can also come in the form of a one on one interview asking questions to the employee. The information learned from each the dimensions for each person need to be banked in a data base where the results can be compiled and looked at. (Irwin)

After finding out just who is in the organization and finding out their cultural background, the leaders would be able to design a training program for the employees. The program would teach employees about one anothers cultures, and show them how to appreciate each others differences. They would also need sensitivity training. (Loden)

Once the organization has undergone a training program dealing with cultural diversity, productivity will increase. When an employee is happy at their job, they tend to work harder and increase their productivity at work. Increasing productivity at the workplace will increase sales which will increase profits. (Jogulu)

In conclusion, it is very important to design a model to break down the cultural barriers between employees in a organization. If there are no barriers between people, communication will increase and people will be happier. This will make an organization run more smoothly and there won't be many problems.

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