The Racism of “Diversity”

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This summary was from an article entitled “The Racism of Diversity” written by Peter Schwartz on December 15, 2003. It was taken from Capitalism Magazine made available in the internet, the URL of which is

The author is the chairman of the board of directors of the Ayn Rand Institute.

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The aforementioned article dealt specifically on the distinction of racism vis-à-vis diversity in the school setting particularly in universities and colleges. Many school administrations have differing views about diversity and racism bringing along a positive and negative connotations depending upon how one interprets it.

But the bottom line is, diversity can be constructive if it suggests integration of races in order to learn and understand the races of other people. However, it is said to be destructive if diversity “propagates all the evils inherent in racism” as stated by Schwartz in his paper.

Along this line, the admission of multi-racial enrollees in an educational institution may have interesting and disparaging effects for contrasting races or skin color. Because of the mixing of races in one school, racial division is highly emphasized thereby causing segregation of residence halls, cafeterias, and organizations. Diversity in this sense is not helpful to solve the problem of inter-tribal conflict but instead underscores the differences between races.

On the other hand, diversity is also deemed to be an excellent learning method inside the school to rule out individualism and foster unity and understanding. It provides a channel in which a race can express itself for the alien tribes to appreciate the ethnicity of a certain group of people because it is believed that one’s colors determines one’s ideas and perspectives of things in one’s environment.

At present, the issue of “color-blindness” or being non-discriminative in terms of skin color remains a controversial issue in universities and colleges.

“Diversity” advocates are moving toward better grasp of this subject matter, however, the long-time history of racial discrimination has indoctrinated and passed on from one generation to another. One’s bloodline speaks louder than words despite the fact that it is not a person’s fault to be born in a particular race whether one is brown-eyed or green-eyed.

The sole purpose of this paper is to remind the readers that racial diversities are still existent among our learning institutions and it has tremendous effects on students and on how they deal and treat one another.

Education through diversity is very ideal but very hard to comprehend because of things that cannot be changed. This change does not take overnight to be materialized, but it takes further orientation, education and re-orientation to instill its importance in the hearts and minds of people.

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