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Since my childhood, I have been dreaming to be a doctor. I believe that a doctor has a noble job because it extends a helping hand to those people who are in need; especially the sick one. Doctors are believed as the living heroes because they are always on duty to lend services for the ill people.

Every time I can see people who are seriously ill, suffering from pain and look hopeless my heart really goes out with them. I constantly remind myself that serving them is such a noble profession. The cries and pains of the patients’ eyes that I see every time I visit a hospital really register on my mind and when I remember them, it pushes me to pursue my dream and that is to be a doctor.

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Moreover, whenever my mom and grandparents are sick, I am really the one, who attends to them and if there are chances to render services in the civic works, I also volunteer.

The three people who brought impact to my life are my grandmother, my bestfriend and my mom. Among these three, it is my mom who really brought change and has really affected my life. Well, my grandmother encourages me to have difference in this world by serving people who are in need. I have witnessed how my grandma cares my grandfather when he is seriously ill.

I can really see the love and concern; thus, she is constantly reminding me that if I serve people, it should be done in love. That line really inculcates in my mind.  On the other hand, my bestfriend really motivates me to believe that I can do the things which I thought I can’t do; like having a thought that going to a medical school is impossible because I know the qualifications are really high but she let me believe and realize that I have a heart in serving people.

Moreover, it is really my mom who has a great impact and influence to me why I want to pursue this career. As I look back my childhood days, I can’t help myself to laugh with those nonsense choices that I have made. Those memories are still fresh in my mind and I can’t remember any incident which I don’t pout every time the day of Monday is coming up, the first day of school.  Monday up to Friday is my “terrible” days of my life when I am still a child.

I need to wake up early so that I will not be late for school and be able to catch the school bus. I need to make many assignments, unending assignments for every subject and I really find them a waste of time. I can still remember how my mom wakes me up by saying “honey, you have to wake up now...You will be late for school.” It is my mom who really pushes me to go to school.

I try to ask my mom why I need to go to school when I can learn many things by playing with my friends and watching television. But my mom would answer me that it is different if I am in school because I can learn how to read and write.

She also adds that good education is the only wealth that they can leave, with my dad, to me that can’t be stolen by anybody and if I really dream to be a doctor, I should also do my part. I attempt to reason out but then, I am just a loser because my mom would not listen to my sentiments and she just continually sends me to school.

She tries to encourage me a lot in order to make me enthusiastic with my studies but then, in my own thinking, going to school is just irrelevant and boring, totally boring! But in a long run, I discover that going to school is a lot of fun especially when my Science teacher starts to discuss about the parts of human beings, its systems and functions.

It makes me wonder how these parts function. From that moment, I start liking going to school. In addition, there is one incident that my mom gets sick. I am so worried but when I remember what my Science teacher teaches us on how to take care the sick people, I am relieved.

The edge that sets me apart from others who apply to Xavier University school of Medicine, Bonaire is that I am a very patient individual and have the passion to serve others; thus, doing extra mile for the benefits of the many.

I am very dedicated and serious to my studies and always ready to learn new things. I am a type of student who does not easily give up when the going gets tough but continues to pursue until I will know it. Furthermore, I am also a graduate of Dentistry which is a good ground for my medical studies.

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