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Why are you interested in entering this major or field?
I am interested for this field because I find it noble and very fascinating. Without the Radiologic Technician, nobody understands the use of x-rays and how it works. This profession would give me the ability to understand more on x-rays and other related and important topics.

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2. What are your goals after you graduate from Harcum?
After I graduate from Harcum, I will immediately practice my profession as Radiologic Technician and serve people who need my service. At the same time, I will educate myself more or have an advance studies which is related to Radiology to update myself about newfangled technology and be a better Radiologic Technician.

3. How can Harcum assist you in attaining your goals?

I consider Harcum as a good match for my learning because it is a college that has so much to offer. I strongly believe that the professors and facilities here are well-equipped which are able to assist and cater the needs of the students.

One thing that attracts me most in this college is the way the professors teach their students. This is the college too which has close cooperation with the community which serves to the functioning of modern education. We all know that the community needs the school as a positive force for social and economic betterment.

There are many problems in the community, such as those relating to health, economic, and social problems, that can be solved by educative process. This college is one agency in the community equipped to lead in the solution of problems.

I believe that Harcum College can be useful in promoting and improving community life and conditions and which will enable less fortunate people to live richer, fuller, and better everyday lives, as well as on the development of techniques of their studies.

I also believe that this college enhanced my skills, abilities, and attitudes to be more learned and extend it to the community. The university does not only educate the students academically but it is concerned too with the interaction of human individuals and their environment. In addition, the university is concerned with producing growth or changes in human knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, feelings, morals, and habits of every type.

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