A Scheme Moving Towards Business Process Management

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The article written by Dr. Raj Ramesh talks about Management Process focusing on the new course to take in business process management entitled A Systems Approach to Business Process Management. (Ramesh, 20 November 2007). It discusses the challenges encountered by business companies, their mistakes on taking a solution for it and the best ways on how to deal with it. According to the article, companies usually have the quick-fix and the problems-that-can-never-be-solved issues, and that with these perception of things, either ways will lead to the worsening of the given problem.

The author suggests that the best way to plan solutions for these is to take a systematic approach and apply the theories for analysis and design approaches to the crisis. It also points out that the company’s departments should cooperate and interact in making the plan of action because each department’s functions contribute to the whole solution. Organizational transformation deals with the changes in phases of the company for them to solve them their problems.

It includes analysis of its model - the present and the preferred process, the design which includes the IT and business architecture, implementation of data mechanisms, access and systems, and of course the implementation of these chosen modifications. (Ramesh, 20 November 2007) In the analysis of its models, the study of the present structure and its comparison with the desired model can already show solutions to the current problem. In addition, in this first step, it would also be the best time to develop business architecture for the company and formulate steps in order to meet the legal requirements of the state.

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However, in the second step which is the designing of the company’s structure by function, it may include the restructuring of the company’s rules, data and user interfaces, and also the IT architecture which shows the connection of each department and its significance to the company as a whole. In this step, we ca see the importance of everyone’s interaction and cooperation in taking an action to solve company matters problem. Since we already have analyzed and designed the actions to make, the third step, which is the implementation is next.

First, a system should be utilized so that we have an order in the implementation, the business process management can be used. Then put into action the mechanism and interfaces that are needed to implement the procedure. And lastly, after the designs and structures are implemented within the company, the operation and management takes action. Distribute the products, monitor sales performance and feedbacks to further improve the product’s performance in the market. (Ramesh, 20 November 2007)

The article is very informative especially to the companies that are experiencing internal problems and finds it hard to make an approach on solving it. It also reemphasized the significance of taking systemized ways in dealing with the processes in organizations, and that the it should work as a whole in facing the challenges it encounters overtime. This high level of process gives the organization a high level of maturity in dealing with problems and making solutions, and with this as time goes by, their level will be higher and higher resulting to a continuous improvement of their company’s performance.

If all organizations will adapt this process, then in the future, every part of the business can be competitive and will last the test of time especially that in the business world, change is a constant movement and that in order to survive, flexibility and the skill in decision making should be exemplary.

References Ramesh, Raj. A Systems Approach to Business Process Management. November 24, 2007 retrieved from http://www. bpminstitute. org/articles/article/article/a-systems-approach-to-business-process-management. html.

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