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Applying for a UK Graduate scheme – what you need to know

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Finding a good graduate job can be hard at the best of times – with so many people graduating from university, competition for places is greater than ever before. But if you’re an international student, then this can be an even greater challenge.

But this doesn’t have to be an impossible task – today we look at how you can give yourself an edge over others, and to give yourself the best chance of securing a place on a UK graduate scheme.

Why apply for a Graduate Scheme in the UK?

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There are a lot of reasons that applying for a graduate scheme is a good idea; mainly because Graduate schemes allow you to quickly immerse yourself into a professional work environment, receive relevant skills development and get hands on experience, either working in a specific role within an established team, or through working on a number of assignments in different areas of the organisation over the duration of the programme.

How to get on a Graduate Scheme?

Potential recruiters will be looking for a range of skills and qualities in potential candidates. If you’re bright, eager to learn and have a strong work ethic then make sure this shows in your CV. Demonstrate how you love solving problems and can impress clients. It’s important that you have a sound academic record, but there’s more to you than just great grades – show that you’re professional. Gain valuable work experience outside of your course, whether that’s by doing an Internship or part-time work. This experience and qualities will make you stand out amongst the other candidates for the Graduate Scheme.


For Grad Scheme success, make sure you’re clued-up on the applications and interview methods used by your potential employers. Many large graduate employers use online application systems to sort prospective candidates for their schemes and training opportunities. If your application is successful you may then be invited to an assessment centre or interview. Be prepared for psychometric tests – they can crop up in online applications and at interviews and assessments.

Know when to apply

The majority of training schemes have application deadlines between November and December for programmes starting the following year. You need to do your employer research and be ready to apply early during the first term of your final year.

While these recruiters don’t give a hard and fast deadline, they may make offers from the start of the application period and they may close their scheme once they have filled all their vacancies. Some employers do give a specific closing date, but also state that they will close their recruiting process as soon as they have filled their spaces.

The golden rule of graduate schemes: apply early, even if the employer has an ‘open’ or ‘ongoing’ recruitment process. An increasing number of employers have ‘ongoing’ or ‘open’ recruitment processes meaning that, in principle, they take applications year round. Despite this seeming flexibility, you are still advised to apply early.

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Applying for a UK Graduate scheme – what you need to know essay

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