A Reflective Essay on Creativity and Motivation

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Last Updated: 03 May 2023
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I tend to think of myself as a very creative person. From my perspective, imagination comes with inspiration. Do we need to be always motivated in order to be innovative? I constantly show creativity in both my personal and professional life.

Surprisingly, my creativity increases when I encounter issues that I need to solve. When I was attending school I had to come up with a way to save money and spend it wisely. I asked around to understand what people do when they have money issues and they want to start saving. Some of them were telling me that they had loans and a lot of them confessed that they were selling their belongings. Since I have a background in accounting, I asked myself this simple question: What do I spend money on? Do I really spend money on essential items to satisfy my basic needs? My first approach in regards to this problem was to start doing my own bookkeeping such as recording all my financial transactions into an accounting software named QuickBooks. I have booked my transactions for the past three years to have a better overview of my finances. Once everything was entered into the system, I then took a look at the profit and loss statement to see where the gap was coming from. My expenses were much higher than my income. I realized that I was living off the money that was being sent by my family. I used to spend a lot of my money in meals and transportation. Looking at these types of expenses made me understand that even though they are necessary, there are always other alternatives. A lot of my meal expenses were due to the fact that I buy food from outside at least four times a week. I could have spent a lot less if I had taken the time to cook.

Overall, creativity comes from the subconscious mind, which shapes everyday behavior. I never really had this way of thinking since I did not want to get into a bad habit where I would count everything I spend even when it is as little as a penny. I want to enjoy life and spend money on things that I really like and not necessarily that I need. This whole experience made me more conscious of the strong correlation between creativity and motivation. Indeed, it taught me how to spend money wisely to become a responsible person. Creativity is the key to enhance one's life.

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