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Creativity essay

Creativity is important to education because some people have special drawing skills and they learn about different kinds of art.These special people have a tremendous talent and it takes a lot of practice.Creative people needs to be curious about their art work, flexible, and independent.

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When others are drawing, they have to use their time wisely. Creativity is about making mistakes and correcting them. Creativity is as important as other subjects. To be creative, an individual needs subject knowledge and how this knowledge can be used first.

People think creativity can just be used for arts, drama, and music. But little do people know, it can be used for anything. Such as; hair products, getting dressed, school subjects, etc. Using hair products or make-up, that person can think of ways to use his/her own creative imagination. Getting dressed are the impressions that you make; like “Should wear this today or tomorrow”. And school subjects for creativity could be used for math, science, history, and English. All those subjects could be used for problem solving ability to think, and to learn social rules.

In the TED talk of “How Schools Kill Creativity” by Ken Robinson, never in my life knew schools could kill creativity by the way they talk in the morning. In his speech, Ken Robinson claims that some students are born with huge talents. He talks about the future for students and what is going to happen in the next couple years. Students have responsibilities, learning capabilities, academic abilities, and possibilities of making something incredible. All students have tremendous talents and should do whatever makes them feel comfortable. Creativity can be emotional, stressful, and social.

In art classes, students should be encouraged to go big, explore, and wander what they are going to draw. It takes patience and time to draw something incredible. No one would want to draw really fast and the drawing to look sloppy. Drawing could be fun and interesting. Drama takes creativity to listen for communication, positive minds, positive vibes, and speaking in-front of crowds. This is learning a new skill everyday. Music is learning how to read notes, the melody, slow and fast rhythms, and the harmony. Being creative is putting all the instruments together to make a beautiful sound.

Its also about working together and having a positive attitude. People enjoy the process of being creative and being “in the zone” or flow. Creativity is a special subject, culture, skills, learning, etc. Creativity is what puts our world with color. If we did not have creativity in this world, I think there would be nothing. Such as; everything is this world would be black and white. Everyone would not have a special, happy, creative personality. Everything would just be blank. So since creativity is about making mistakes and correcting them, creativity is just as important to education and to our whole society.

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