A History of the Most Defining Moment in History: The War of 1812

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America's most defining moment in history was the War of 1812 with Americans declaring war on Britain that lasted nearly three years. Since Great Britain had violated a treaty with France, America stepped into helping and the war was inevitable.

This challenge had angered Britain over matters of trade, but America was determined to show their strength and resilience and boost the morale of the American people. Americans declaring war proved to be a daring feat for the very young nation that they were. They are now facing a powerful navy from Britan.

The other reasons for America to declare the War of 1812 involved maritime, Indians support and also the pride of America. After the War of 1812; Europe knew America with more respect with their new found independence.

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The United States did not have much history behind it and still had not shown its real strength to the eyes of other nations. The maritime problems occurred when the British began losing their sailors who were deserting the ship.

They no longer wanted to serve the British Navy. The British did not want to lose their status in the world as being the most powerful navy, so they began blockading seaways and claiming American sailors as their own. The British reasoned that these men were initially Britsh, so they were just taking them back.

With such a powerful navy that Britain had, many people would have thought twice before fighting them. However, Americans became very irate by the blockading and removal of their men. Using its best engineers, America displayed a smart technology in designing warships. The design of the ships established a heritage of competence, heroism, and victory" These warships had far greater strength than the British Navy and showed it on the high seas.

America tried to expand their territory to include Canada, which would infringe on the region of Great Britain. Indians played a significant role in helping to keep the settlement of Americans in Canada. The British provided arms and support to the Native Americans to fight against the settlers keeping them out of Canada. The Indians believed that helping the British, would be a way to keep the Native Americans from claiming some more of their land.

America was a proud nation and not only proved itself at sea but also on land. Even as Washington D.C. burned, the American Spirit was unbroken fighting to see the war to its end.

The artifacts that they were able to save became a symbol of American resilience. The War of 1812 was the first war that America declared on another country. Now America had the confidence bestowed it on the American people. Without this victory, America would not have existed.

The War of 1812 proved America could fight on its own. It showed perseverance in a young nation with the ability to be adaptive with any setback. Where most countries would have fallen at the loss of their capital, America proved its engineering frontier was even greater than Englan and even surpassed the ships with greatness.

This victory secured the nation a spot in the world, and a rallying cry amongst its people to keep pushing what it could do as a nation. Fight on its own.America declared war on another country for the first time since the War of 1812 and was victorious for future expansions. America had proved itself at sea and land.

The spirit of America was unbroken, and they were determined to see the war to the end. Artifacts were being saved even as the capital was burning which was a symbol of real of Amerian resilience.

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