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Baby Boom in Canadian History

The Baby Boom was a massive increase of Canada’s population from 1946 to 1965. The Baby Boom was considered a defining moment in Canadian history for economical, educational, and environmental factors. Economically speaking, Canada had an Increase In employment and the economy started to improve …

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Defining moments of Canada

All these years Canada expanded into a well-built country. Canada has participated in many battles throughout the world and this has changed how Canada was seen. The first defining moment was the battle of Ypres, where Canadian soldiers were the victims of the first gas …

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What is an example of a defining moment?
Married or divorced. You can start a new job or quit an existing one. A new business partnership. You can take a huge trip.
What is a career defining moment?
A career-defining moment, or action, is one that has a significant impact on someone's success in their job or how they will be remembered. Bruce Willis appears in this movie in his career-defining role.

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