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War of 1812 Movie Notes

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Why was this insulting to America? When was it rescinded? Orders of Council were British laws requiring all ships wishing to trade with Europe to stop in a British port first. America had been a free democratic- republic nation and resorting to pay tax to Britain for international trade with Europe was outrageous. The Orders of Council were rescinded in 1812 two days before the U. S. declared war. 7. Why did America want to invade Canada?

Democratic-republicans wanted Canada to expand the Agrarian republic. 8. What role did Native Americans have in this period? What was the belief among Indians regarding their role in America? Americans wanted expansion into territories controlled by Native Americans. The Whites distribute land to Native Americans to have them fight each other but Native Americans have never resorted to such tactics. 9. How many people moved westward in this time period and why would they move west? Over four hundred Native Americans moved westward in order to settle after he Louisiana Purchase. 10. Who was Tecumseh and Takatawana?

Why were they important? Tecumseh and Takatawana decided that the time to act was now and gathered followers, urging them to give up textile clothing for traditional buckskin garments, arguing for the Indian's to not acknowledge the Whiteman's "ownership" of land, and urging that no Indian should cede control of land to whites. 11. How did the U. S. respond to the Indian threat? How did they believe the British were involved with the Indians? Americans responded to this threat with raging violence. They elieved the British to be supplying weapons to the Indians and influencing Tecumseh. 12.

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War of 1812 Movie Notes

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Who was William Henry Harrison and what happened at the Battle of advanced upon Tecumseh's headquarters at Tippecanoe, killed the Prophet, and burned the camp to the ground. His famous slaughter earned him vast fame and made him president in 1840. 13. How does the vote to go to war highlight sectional differences? How close was the vote to go to war? Why do you believe this occurred? New England, which was still making lots of money, damned the war for a free sea, and Federalists opposed the war because they were more inclined toward Britain nyway and Canada was conquered, it would add more agrarian land and increase Republican supporters.

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