Essays on American History

Essays on American History

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Rewriting American History

Rewriting American History highlights the changes that have taken place in America from the 19th century to the 20th century. It analyses information contained in various textbooks about American history and highlights how peoples’ views have changed over the years. It highlights the various changes …

American HistoryHistoriographyImmigration
Words 573
Pages 3
Professor Howard Zinn’s purpose for writing “A People’s History of the United States”

1. In a nutshell, Professor Howard Zinn’s purpose for writing “A People’s History of the United States” was to offer a history of the United States (from the first settlers all the way to the mid­1970’s at the time of publishing) that did not outright …

American History
Words 78
Pages 1
Howard Zinn’s Contention with Nationalism in A People’s History of the United States

In A People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn has contentions with nationalism as an ideology. This will not be the first time he raises such a sentiment. (more…)

American HistoryNationalism
Words 29
Pages 1
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American History X and Racism

American History X is a film with racism as its overarching theme. Specifically, the subject of the film focuses not on the phenomenon of racism as we know it, slavery and the Malcolm X period, but on its current trends namely the neo-Nazist, white supremacist …

American HistoryDiscriminationRacismViolence
Words 95
Pages 1
Millerite Movement in the Second Great Awakening of American History

The Millerite Movement happened in the context of this nation’s Second Great Awakening: a religious revival that carried the country into reform movements. The Second Great Awakening had its start in Connecticut in the 1790s and grew to its height in the 1830s to 1840s.  …

American HistoryAwakeningChristianityJesusReligionTheology
Words 1449
Pages 6
A Brief History of American Political Parties

One will be making a wrong assumption to believe that the political parties we hear and see today just sprang and start existing in a day. These parties have come a long way and definitely have where they are coming from and where they are …

American HistoryHistoryPolitical Parties
Words 72
Pages 1
American History X

In the scene where Dr. Sweeney visited Derek in prison to update him of Danny’s regression in school, it signified that despite their contradicting racial roots both still agreed to forward a common cause which is to secure a better future for Danny. Meanwhile, in …

American HistoryCriminologyRacism
Words 97
Pages 1
A People`s History of the United States Critical Analysis

Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” appears to be unique as it presents historical events from the perspectives of the poor, minorities and dispossessed. (more…)

American History
Words 29
Pages 1
African american history Argumentative Essay

Most historians agree that slavery was among the most decisive factors that led to the Civil War. Thus, Abraham Lincoln, writing to Alexander Stephens, the will-be vice-president of the Confederation, while agreeing not to interfere with the slavery issue, admitted that the issue of slavery …

African AmericanAmerican History
Words 61
Pages 1
History of the American West

As far as history is concerned, prior to the settling of what we now, the great United States of America, minority groups of inhabitants are the first to established their living in that continent. Their lifestyle, tradition and culture are admirable as well as unique. …

American HistoryCowboyHistory
Words 88
Pages 1
American History Analysis Essay Sample

There are many ways America is moving towards security. Some people argue that it is moving towards freedom rather than security. It may be true that while we move more in the path of one. We may receive or have taken from us certain freedoms. …

AmericaAmerican HistoryImmigration
Words 672
Pages 3
American History before the Revolution

The discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492 led to the colonial expansion of the nations of Western Europe. These colonies were created to push trade forwards in the form of new imports, primarily raw materials as a base for trade and creations …

American HistoryMercantilismRevolutionSlavery
Words 1133
Pages 5
American History 1800 to 1877

The emergence of the United States as an independent nation, towards the end of the 18th century, was an epochal happening in contemporary history. It led to the creation of the world’s wealthiest and mightiest power, and the subsequent development of a rich and vibrant …

American HistorySlavery
Words 83
Pages 1
American Film History: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Agnes de Mille once said that “the truest expression of people is in its dance and in its music.  Bodies never lie”. (Warner, p30)  And indeed, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, a most famed dancing duo epitomized the meaning of words and emotions through their …

American HistoryFilmHistory
Words 52
Pages 1
American History X and Crash Movies

Movies, like any creative effort, reflect the time and the place in which they are created. Both American History X and Crash clearly address the concept of the American Dream and the way that people choose to live their lives. While they share this concept, …

American HistoryCrash
Words 2418
Pages 9
American Social History Essay

Immigration occurs when people from other countries enter another country to seek employment and live there permanently. The United States opened its doors to immigrants but only to a certain limit that is determined annually. Immigration has been an issue that the government is trying …

American HistoryHistoryImmigrationMacroeconomics
Words 82
Pages 1
American history since 1876

Wars often have a significant impact upon the domestic development of a nation. Every nation at one point or the other has experienced a war of some sort and this has gone a long way in shaping economic, political and social lives of citizens. United …

American HistoryDiseaseUnemployment
Words 554
Pages 3
Argumentative Essay about American History

Manifest destiny was one of the 19th century American beliefs of the fact that USA was meant to expand across North American continent from Atlantic seaboard all the way to Pacific Ocean. Manifest destiny and advocates believed on the fact that expansion was not just …

American History
Words 97
Pages 1
Theatrical Lighting of The 19th Century

The 19th century was a period of great technological innovation, especially in the realm of theatrical lighting. Over the course of the century, stage lighting evolved through a series of improvements starting at gas light, then shifting to limelight, and, finally, landed upon electric light. …

American HistoryInnovationLight Bulb
Words 1916
Pages 7
Informative Essay on American History

American Temperance Union. Formed the mid-1830s, it was a successor of the American Temperance Society. It was committed to total abstinence from liquor and sparked debates about abstinence versus moderation and wine prohibition, critics say such union promoted intolerance of the worst kind (Varon 33). …

American HistorySlavery
Words 45
Pages 1
Martin Luther King Junior is a giant in American History

Martin Luther King Junior is a giant in American History. He was a famous leader within the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s and helped lead the way for many improvements for African Americans as they sought to realize their human and …

American HistoryCapitalismMartin Luther KingPoverty
Words 3884
Pages 15
Slavery the most controversial themes in the history of the United States

Chapter 1 Introduction: Slavery is one of the most controversial themes in the history of the United States; throughout much of the past century historians have debated, sometimes quite heatedly, various interpretations of this area. For the purpose of this dissertation, the personal relationships amongst …

American History
Words 7101
Pages 26
Reflection Essay on American History

The World War Two (WWII) pitted two major sides, the allied forces that included Britain, United States, Soviet Union and other forces against the axis powers that included Germany, Italy, Japan and other powers. The war was ultimately brought to an unconditional end by the …

American HistoryUnemployment
Words 86
Pages 1
Policy of Containment in American History

Containment was a united states government policy uniting military, economic and diplomatic strategies to contain any further spread of communism in the world after the world war II , with the goal of thereby enhancing America’s security and influence abroad . The Soviet Union created …

American HistoryCambodiaMilitaryWars
Words 708
Pages 3
American Legal and Constitutional History

As residents or citizens of the United States of America, we enjoy certain rights that many people across the world do not have. One of those rights is freedom of speech, which is guaranteed to all of us through the United States Constitution. However, in …

American HistoryCitizenshipHistoryJusticeTerrorism
Words 95
Pages 1
American Cultural History

There are many transformations that affected American life from 1940s-1970s various changes and developments occurred during these decades that influenced the culture of people in regards with sports, ,movies and the impact of reality TV to the people. First is in terms of sports, World …

American HistoryBambiHistory
Words 93
Pages 1
The Period in American History from 1781 to 1789

The period in American History from 1781 to 1789, when the United States was organized under the Articles of Confederation, was not characterized by a strong and effective government, but instead provided the framework upon which a more effective government could be built. The Articles …

American History
Words 564
Pages 3
Understanding Native American History

American history is filled with glorious accomplishments that Americans love to point out when saying how great a country this is. Certainly, America is a great country, and as countries go, it has probably done enough now to forever remain as one of the great …

American HistoryReligionSlavery
Words 2299
Pages 9
Colonial history of the United States

The colonial history of the United States covers the history of European settlements from the start of colonization of America until their incorporation into the United States. In the late 16th century, England, France, Spain and the Netherlands launched major colonization programs in eastern North …

American History
Words 328
Pages 2
American History: 1912 Election

The Presidential Election of 1912 was called one of the most important and memorable elections as well as one of the most dramatic events in American history. The election was remarkable because there were four candidates the representatives of four different parties that sought the …

American History
Words 83
Pages 1

Frequently asked questions

How do you start a US history essay?
Some tips on how to start a US history essay could include:1. Choose a specific event, person, or time period to focus on.2. Do some research on your topic to get a better understanding of it.3. Develop a thesis statement that will be the main argument of your essay.4. Write an outline of your essay, which will help you organize your thoughts and ideas.5. Begin writing your essay, starting with an introduction that introduces your topic and thesis statement.6. Continue writing the body of your essay, which should support your thesis statement with evidence and analysis.7. Conclude your essay with a conclusion that sums up your main points and leaves the reader with something to think about.
What should I write my US history essay about?
There are a number of potential topics that could be covered in a US history essay. Some possible topics include:-The American Revolution-The American Civil War-The American West-The Civil Rights Movement-The Cold War-The History of the American Economy-The History of American Education-The History of American Politics-The History of the American Presidency-The History of the American Military-The History of American Foreign Policy really depends on the focus of the essay. If the essay is meant to be a general overview of US history, then any of the above topics could be covered. However, if the essay is meant to be more focused, then a narrower topic such as the American Revolution or the American Civil War would be more appropriate.
Why is American history important?
It helps us understand our past, present, and future. It teaches us about our country's founding principles, and how they have shaped our nation. It allows us to see how our country has changed over time, and how our actions have affected the world around us. It also helps us appreciate the diversity of our country, and the many people and cultures that make up our nation. American history is important because it is the story of us.
What is the most important thing in American history?
There are many important things in American history, but one thing that stands out is the country's commitment to democracy. From the early days of the republic, when the Founding Fathers created a system of government that allowed for popular participation, to the modern era, when Americans elect their leaders and participate in the political process, the country has always been dedicated to the idea of government by the people. This commitment has led to some of the most important moments in American history, such as the Civil Rights Movement and the fight for women's suffrage, when Americans have fought to ensure that everyone has a voice in the country's democracy. It is this commitment to democracy that makes America unique, and it is one of the most important things in American history.

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